“Why can my child speak so well, but struggle with learning to read? I'm at the end of my tether. Narcissistic parents cannot give what they don’t have. 5. The role of a speech pathologist is to evaluate why your child’s speech is difficult to understand. Slow, difficult reading can have a number of causes. My little girl turned 3 today and we had the worst day ever. What this basically means is that a lot of things have to happen all at once in order for us to take thoughts and turn them into words on a page.. This is a travesty -- but I can't identify a good way to deal with it on a public policy level. As parents of multiple children already know, each child is different even when they have been born and raised in the same home. Question: "I am a parent; how can I let go of my adult children?" Learn about PRIDE parenting skills. I was loved as long as I did what they wanted me to do - but as a child I never realised the impact that these controls and lack of nurturing had upon me. His grandfather invites him to climb it. Narcissists worry more about what the child does rather than who the child is. Why is my child being so difficult?! There is a high teepee set up with ropes and it looks challenging for the 3-year-old boy. We use cookies to collect information from your browser to personalize content and perform site analytics. My theory is that my mother was embarrassed and ashamed that her own child was so obviously afraid of her, but she could not accept having caused this so she blamed me for being "cold and unloving" toward her. Whilst I have no psychological qualifications in order to understand myself I have educated myself in areas of beliefs, feeling, emotions, psychology, child development etc etc etc .....and have drawn the conclusion that this problem ...call it "narcissism" or "lack of empathy" is pervasive in our societies and cultures worldwide. But, I believe there is a piece of parenting that some don’t understand and that is the power of empathy. Some come from strangers—“Your baby really should be crawling by now,” but a lot of what we think is coming from outside is really just a loud echo in our own brain. Certainly the obvious things like tantrums, stubbornness, and lifestyle changes are difficult. I never really had a word to describe my mother. It is noticing who they really are and encouraging them to be their special authentic selves. reading your comment where you so eloquently describe your experience made me think of many similarities in what I note and observe in dealings with my mother... Just around holiday times, in my mind i was reviewing the situation and it dawned on me that i have been actually also afraid of the woman, my current age is mid 30s. Trusting our kids can be difficult if their behavior seems not to be trust-worthy. He also won’t be rejected by the other children or teased relentlessly for being “difficult” or a “troublemaker.” What bothers me most about having Alex around is it shines a Broadway-sized spotlight on my child’s imperfections on a daily basis. It’s about running to the well and finding it void and empty over and over. It’s a technique used specifically to help strained parent and child relationships. Several of my children breezed merrily through Algebra II, but then we hit a snag. It's still to soon to fully assess the program but so far we are very pleased. Although I spoke briefly on the show, I want to expand here because there’s more to parental narcissism than meets the eye of the media. When she is naughty we tell her she will be put in her room if she does it again/more. So I try to stay with my strengths as often as I can. Some are easier than others to fix. I’m not so sure we have “difficult children.” Every “difficult looking” child I’ve seen, has had a horrendous story to tell about their life.