I took the "stick your Glock tool in the hole and depress the sides of the magazine and gently tug it off" approach. 6. Small freaking problem though. For anyone that needs help disassembling a glock mag, Don't listen to anyone that says you need a pair of pliers to squeeze the mag body or anything like that. Slide Disassembly and Firing Pin Replacement 11-14 7. Be sure there is not a round in the chamber by visual and physical inspection. Notes and Records 23 13. It can take down perpetrators in an instant, provided you have the skills to shoot it. All you need is one cheap and readily available tool, and you can perform all needed work!-Glock Disassembly Tool Firing Pin Safety Check 15 8. Order online today, or toll free via phone at (800) 601-8273! Disassembly Instructions for the Glock Pistol Step 1. Newsletter Signup Subscribe to our newsletter for … Glock Magazine Disassembly 21 11. Here you can find clear, easy-to-understand instructions on how to safely disassemble a Glock magazine. Taking off the base plates using a glock tool isn't too bad, but putting a new one is more difficult. Likewise with .40 S&W Glock 22 magazines, which will fit and function in both Glock 23 and Glock 27 pistols. On the way off, you can shove the platic piece sidewise and then compress the sides of the magazine to pull the bottom plate past the side nubs. Most I have done is wipe them down and a qtip down the center. Glocks are simple designs, which is largely why they are so reliable. The tool cracked the magazine insert in half! Remove the magazine and clear chamber. This works pretty well. Close Quarters Combat - The Solution 24-28 Stock and New York Trigger Installation 20 10. This is the real way you should be disassembling your mags, to keep them functioning flawlessly. Glock Receiver Disassembly 16-19 9. Taking Glock magazine apart for cleaning is what every Glock enthusiast must want to learn! Magazine Catch Removal 22 12. Do this by locking back the slide. First glock I purchased was a Gen 1 back in the mid to late 80's. The MagPopper Disassembly Tool for Glock Magazines makes removing your baseplates a snap, with its easy to use design and steel construction! Since then I have yet to take a magazine apart. Although this weapon is small, it packs an exceptional punch. So a full-size Glock 17 magazine (9mm) will work in smaller Glocks like the 19 and the 26. But a subcompact magazine for the 26 won’t work in the 17 because it’s too small. So honest question here, is it really all that important to take these apart or is it more of the "because I can I shall and it probably isn't a bad idea" thing. Quickly remove dirt, dust, powder residue and grime that may hinder reliability and cause a … How to remove a Glock floorplate Glock magazine disassembly A Glock pistol is one of those compact firearms, ideal for concealed carry and is used as a backup weapon in law enforcement. Additional Information - The innovative MagPopper tool will help you disassemble your Glock® magazines in seconds. Due to the simple design, they are fairly easy to take apart completely, and expensive, specialized tools are not needed. This system addresses an often overlooked area of firearm maintenance for your Glock, cleaning the magazines. The Glock Pistol. You can now take apart your magazines without marring, gouging, or damaging the metal liner. Glock Disassembly Tools. Pull the trigger. Release the slide and point the pistol in a safe direction. I'm sure there are several different ways to take apart the magazine.