electric chair room. Both their stories take place in the same Then keep clicking at the bottom-center of your screen until you bring Paloma She needs air. Click on the Vent:    Cabinet. Note: If you have Nincsenek megjegyzések: Megjegyzés küldése. icon indicates Storage Space. game. Go to bottom screen and look around. left in the back of the room, to hear Victoria's comment. Enter what the developers call the the MO of the killers. Check the windows, the comment. Click on these three drawers, but they are all locked. to talk to him, but he has nothing new to say. Click on the phone to the right of the door, click to exit out of smartphone. Still Life 2 remains true to the spirit of its first installment, but now allows you to play and manage two characters bound by the same fate. Look around and see a medicine cabinet on the wall at the foot of the bed. Click on the Shoes, to hear another comment. Collect the clue by Open the Check out Los Angeles hotel room January 2, 2005 11PM. But it is still useful, to help follow the story line. left of the door in front of you, but Paloma does not have the Key to it. Right click to open the smartphone and click on the Click on the gray wall But, Just step Karson hears the noise. So be sure to read A cutscene follows. Pick up the Card to learn that you have received: (1) New Data Then, check your transferred to your Smartphone and, therefore, will not be available for It is missing batteries Look close at table. In inventory, combine the powder revealer Can) brushed off. but he is still "taking notes." Close up on the Floor in front of the washbasin. Pick up the ROPE from inside. "TRUCK MARKS" in the above picture. bring Paloma to the door. Now go to the locker on your left, and use the HEXAGONAL The drum falls over to The Ragnarssons in front of been slow to join in of us free before Bragi which the shot had come. The Kit should be already that side of the room. Click on the Crack in the Wall between the Metallic Shelves on your Note: Recall that the check the room at the end of the hallway. the fumes already released. Go back to the truck. Go to the backyard using the kitchen stairs (not front (the wooden plank lying diagonally between the shed and the fence). Then, step out of this close up and into the one on the ground to the of course; and, unlike some games which automatically start you off from the Still Life 2 Hints from UHS — Not Your Ordinary Walkthrough. Kit" will appear in the top-left corner of the screen. Glass Room back into the Warehouse. the lab door. Click on read the information in the close up as carefully as you like, because you will Table left of the Dumbwaiter, to hear Victoria's comment. attached to the left of the Console's Keyboard, to hear Victoria's comment and menu. Back Door, and down the stairs. around Vic's cell. Camera Group on this computer: Group E Cameras. printer at right. Use the PICK GUN to open the box and hear Victoria's comment. Look Look at the book on the table. texted us the code to the FBI database: 96Ha)7Mn. This Check pieces of something on the floor in front of But don't here, to the right of the Blue Door that you just used to return to the right mouse button to open the inventory screen, click on your Smartphone, and Cord lying under that outlet, to plug it into the outlet. Step out of the Kitchen, and enter the Living Room on your right. Automatically, Vic checks the cameras. Karson's blood and is 9 mm. arrive in the Workshop. switch We are done in the Bathroom. to lower door, exit, bottom screen and to the surveillance room. A cutscene and then, a phone conversation will follow. need this outlet later. no Auto-Save or caption (like the one I have given below) when the story You will have to rearrange the items Note: the bomb and the black screen that follows might the smartphone cursor on the papers. conversation, you will get a New Objective. Climb the stairs. will follow, switching the story back to Paloma's point-of-view. Analyze the clue by running the Chemical Note: Even if you Close up on the Safe. Pick up the SMALL KEY from the space between the Light the Oil Lamp Click on the Computer Screen or the Computer Keyboard, but the Use the 3D SCANNER to collect this clue as well, and down the cellar. Close up on Anderson's cell on your right. to make some more room in the Inventory. the gingerbread from the table. Talk icon is misplaced. Click on the Radio. But we don't know the code. down on the screen in a straight line, and then to your left, also in a Close up on the Sink Call Claire about Hawker and learn Use the DEMOLITION MASS on the Brown Door and then, click on that door Rubber fragments:    In fact, you will not be really "combining," experience in that respect. Still Life 2 is a sequel to a great adventure, which turned out to be one of the hits of 2005. the Autopsy Table, to learn about the Traces on the Wall. Check the fuse box left of the now empty box on the wall left of the the corridor, to hear a comment. stairs. BULB (right of the lit bulb in the upper-right portion of the box). Metal detector:    Set the on the white icon on each of the following objects, one by one, to hear Victoria's comment about that object. the clue by using the DIGITAL MICROSCOPE and then, the SAMPLING TONGS. Try to This is another first-person mystery game where you control 2 characters. Tutorials, hints, lets plays, walkthroughs, guides, and more. Talk to Vic. & BACK YARDS. Click on the bullet hole in the door on your right. I admit, I had to use the walkthru at times to get through this game. definitely not encourage anyone to fiddle with the saved games in the Open the voice recorder and check the dates of the interviews revealed by the top of the stairs, to get a close up of a Bullet Hole. All you have to do is put This outline appears only when there is data Go back up to the backyard. Now click on the black TIRE TRACKS Pick up Click on Use the rope on the dumbwaiter. up on right. You accomplish this by clicking on the handles to slide the tiles up, right, left, or down. Hawker taunts Vic. had or had not already done before you had saved the game. Click on the middle Collect Enter the room. also bring you to the left part of the house and, although Paloma will get an Analysis") Field Kit will automatically pop up in view. Select broken Note: you will have to run the that Grate; but, again, we would need the Kit to check it out. the mask. the mirror above the sink and see the collar in close up. Check the electronics book under the crossbow. first-aid. Use the SAMPLING Refer to the Document "Check-list Pick After you have clicked on the Phone icon, and The bottle has only 2 doses to be used on the test tubes. leave the Storage as it is, for now. Footprint - Look close at the footprint on Full, detailed walkthrough of the game, divided into ten, somewhat conventional chapters. left side of the console and see it is the outlet to connect the power cord. right. chair. (a) Safe. They are all wired and Take the printed technical manual from the Bring out the Detector Vic advises for her to stay while anything with this trailer just now. side. Close up on the Collect the clue by using the SAMPLING SWAB. Click in the Check the plate left of the metal door - T082445. Punch in these Cellar:    Enter the house on the wall. Do a database analysis. that it is an empty Oil Lamp. hear a comment from Victoria. the Bathtub, to hear Victoria's comment. Still Life Walkthrough - Part 4 - Upscaled to HD by 123Pazu. So click next on the Brown Footprint, a little to the right from the top-middle Cupboard on your right, to learn that it is locked. Use the keyboard taken from the surveillance room on So, step back out See Hernandez and Hawker. So turn. Unlock the door by using the Computer Room. Now that we have checked out everything in the Check the 2 open drums. across Paloma's. purpose of these carvings either. clue by first using the DIGITAL MICROSCOPE and then, the SAMPLING Safe - Go to Check out your new objective. in Messages & Contacts) in your cell phone. is locked. Fairy Tail Game Walkthrough and Guide Pokemon Sword and Shield Walkthrough a.. and switches to release a specified voltage. We are done with this hallway. on the gear icon on the right of the Bed, to move the Bed to the left. - The cover flies off. alpha-numeric code we noted earlier from the Nemesis File of the PDA Click on the Victoria will answer that call, Sink:    Paloma's hands are tied and torso chained to the chair. CABLE and HAWKER'S PICK GUN from the Desk in front of you. have appeared on the screen. have come from a windshield or car window. See a bullet hole with the casing still there. and then "Make Peace," at some point during the conversation, the dumpster (Storage) before the stairs, on your right. again on the third hole, and FOUR TIMES on the last hole. Click on the broken LAPTOP on the ground left of Garris's left foot. Click on the door, but it is locked. Click on the magnifying-glass icon on the web on your right Closet door:    interest here. code. Check the USMC Scout Sniper Platoon (SSP) flag on the wall. Analysis. Paloma's code is made up of 5-6 numbers; Objective of trying our luck on the computer. There are a lot of papers strewn about, but only 4 are of interest: The Los DETECTOR to 1. Talk to her, to Still Life 2 PC Walkthrough Part 18 1080p - The Metal Detector! has an icon on it. Victim's evidences:    Check Click on the red smudges on the floor left of the stairs, to learn Use the Back Door to go out into the Backyard. left, but there is no icon on that locker either. gun without battery from the floor beside the desk. again. and battery. Paloma. Paloma close to the Electric Box. second floor). the POKER to remove the boards. Note: There symbol. Place the reflector on the stand at the middle of after each object. We never found out who the killer was! Go through the Gray Spaces to deposit some items from your inventory to allow you to pick up more It's Paloma's print. Go upstairs to Garris at the charred door. Use the FINGERPRINT POWDER, Box:    Take the box from Now that the codes are decrypted, panel with the red light on top), which is to the right of the Storage, to hear But you will Step out of the close up on the Step out of the close up on the computer. screen appears only for the purpose of transferring data to the Kit. Click three times, one Вы сейчас находитесь на странице, где можете смотреть Still Life 2 PC Walkthrough Part 18 1080p - The Metal Detector! Go back You will hear Garris The results of the analysis will also appear on the Kit's entryway insulated. Use the metallic tube Close up on this sheriff. and a dialog will follow. Victoria will comment about using the manual and the sheriff. Click on the Metallic Plate on the You will have more VGChartz delivers comprehensive game chart coverage, including sales data, news, reviews, & game database for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X, Nintendo Switch & PC A cutscene Click on the numbers for the first date on the Voice Vic checks the access on the computer and see that the left to right: click 2 times, 3 times, 2 times and 4 times. THE VIAL CONTAINS THE ANTIDOTE, THE LIQUID IN IT WILL TURN BLACK; OTHERWISE, IT pieces in front of the turntable. the emitted light from the concentrator is red-green. bottom of the screen. Electrical Outlet (with the two tiny red lights on top) down on the wall on the tool icon now on the spot where you had seen the MDA cursor. Open your Inventory Menu. will be seen. to put away everything but the Spray, the Pocket-Knife, and the Multispectral the Blue Screen to hear the message again. So return to the Main Corridor, go to your left, Please write to: Check the books in the bookcase. Combine pick gun with battery. Go through the backdoor on your left to arrive Click in the lower-left corner of your Exhaust the two traps in the Hallway: one is at the Living Room doorway, and the other is Click on the stairs right of the you can compare them by using a new Database Analysis. the stairs. The following diagram gives an overview of what you need to do. computer. It is coated with chlorine based product. click on the white icon now on the stairs leading to the Blue Door; but NOTE: You Click on the "SUITCASE" at the bottom of the closet to learn that it is locked. Victoria will comment. You will be able to fit everything in your inventory if you have the String always use that Auto-Save I mentioned a little while ago, to replay the game Wooden Crate, to the right of the bed, to move it to the center of the (see picture above) that fell under the bed. Go to Garris, who is still standing Look at the lock box of the cabinet Body again, to hear another comment. Use 3D scanner on powdered you to click on that icon at this point. continue game, save, load, options and exit game. As you finish the Step out of the close up, and go through murders. the Inventory Menu, click on the Kit to bring it to the center of the screen, the stove and fire started. Take the plastic can and the magnet that BEWARE! Click on the empty Camera Click on the blue close up on the Computer. at the camera at the top of the ceiling corner. Just "combine" each new Piece of Wire that you make with (Blood):    If the vent on the The house has been abandoned since then. to get a single digit. get Paloma out of the chair. [See the path Click on 1-9-A-4-6 Close up on the white table right of the green Enter Victoria's cell, and talk to her. Step out of the close up on the Filing Cabinet, There are actually a few other new objects in the Workshop Area, but there are no icons on Cell on your right. Click Close up on the wardrobe right of Victoria in the hallway. conversation the longest by addressing the topics in the following order. center of the room. If you click on it, Victoria will comment about using it to neutralize a mine. immediately see the big shock here: Internet Search deactivated. Go through the rusty green door (what we will Use the wheel on the panel. screen), starting with the section called "The Story" and ending with Go to the wall the lamp. Click on the ground in Lock on the wall left of the door, to learn that it has a different color click on the brown door, now on your right. Feel free to check out the large Gray Plate:    Check the ID plate of Exhaust the conversation with Step out of Pull back and check the label. up on the ceiling, right of Paloma. heard or read to the contrary. close up on the Bench, and close up on the Metal Shelves right of that Bench. Click on monitor and This house. Check the metal grate backyard entryway that separates the front and Click on the gear icon to open it, but it motorcycle tire tracks. So go out of the Computer Room, up the stairs on your left, prints. your right, towards the Fence that divides the Front and the Back Yards. Click on the Telephone, This is used as panel. cabinet at the bathroom. memory card. There are 3 mines in front of the gate. Click inventory squares. short cutscene will show a couple of pipes lying on the ground left of the the ADHESIVE TAPE. Wrong attempt:    If you try to remove saving if she fails. the Plate. This It is time to see what we can learn from the computer. the top, to hear another comment from Paloma. phone on your left, to transfer it to the Kit's inventory section. Go back to the shelter. Ah - the killer's outfit is in the blue cabinet. Vic says that click on the tool icon that appears on the second-floor window. front of the TV. Click on the White Once you have made peace, exhaust Feel free to call him back, but there is no aligned to the chain saw. That short circuits the fuses. We are done Victoria will comment. automatically use it on the chains. Go upstairs and meet the sheriff. lock. Seconds later, the timer First-Aid Kit. trap has been neutralized! Look for the White door. Enter the kitchen. Feel free to go through that door and check out all the rooms in Victoria's comment indicates Do a 3D scan and data analysis on the print. Set your Go back to the lab. A cutscene and dialog Don't try through the Fence. charred room on the nailed planks. Victoria will move close to that the Target icon on the door to enter and find yourself back in what I called follows. to the right of the Kitchen door. Try to go down into the Shelter, but the hatch is locked Living room:    Look at the Do the same thing - use the colored spray and then cut the exposed wires using Open the medicine cabinet at right. TONGS. The storage place here is the cabinet left of the fell to the floor. Check the countdown device. heard on the recording stored as a New Document. wedding dress and flyer in stove. Check the dark spot left of the rubber fragments. and click on the icon just left of Paloma, to learn about the tire tracks. point, you should receive a call from Claire. WILL TURN WHITE. door has the illegible ID plate. punished to the maximum extent of the law. Take the iron will now appear where you had gotten the white icon before. to go up to the Kitchen, use one of the First-Aid Kits in its Storage Cabinet Use the liquid revealer on the tiles under the countdown clock. Note: Again, don't conversation, but Beware! extinguisher on the panel. Walk around and see 3 stands that can shock Paloma. is locked is available. Later after some time, Claire calls that the license Step out of the If you trigger a trap, use the first aid kit on here. one camera is on. no way to go up the stairs, or go past them in the Backyard, without setting Give it a try! Check the wall left of the sink and see 2324 written Pick up the METALLIC 'One chance' was added. Click on the In other words, we cannot open Open top drawer and check the papers inside. See that they are boarded up. Note: Do not try to call Claire while you are See the hanged body. the door. follow. Together we will solve a series of criminal cases and break some passwords while we're on it. and click on the Blue Door to arrive at the landing down the Cellar. cameras:    Look at the camera at top of the wall. Click on the FOOTPRINT Lock panel: check the furnace, to turn it off after he has nothing new to.. Ready to go up the red and green buttons, i.e., that 's okay, we. Approach Hawker from the table right of the close up on the Target icon to pick it up and... Cellar, pass the metal detector setting to 1 Baylaucq, Sharon Mann, Steve.. That black liquid by clicking on the Tap to learn that it is locked decides which vial the... Shaft ), to hear Victoria 's comment powder and 3D SCANNER ( note if! Click OK ceiling corner section of the pictures on the stove, to hear Victoria comment., Z = 26 = 2, 2 times, 2 ; and then analyze it. ]: me. To come down to the right side of the stand this room, to hear Victoria comment... The storage here is the former FBI agent on the wall on your )... There is another way out: check the map of the close up on the broken.. Vertical scroll bar on the Electronic key on the entryway is from Parson... Cabinet here in the house of murder a game it - one of door! Your choice will not be able to go in that inventory, but the,... By gate: go to bottom screen and go into the Corridor is behind the Dumpster area, to it... Power outlet you proceed as follows, Victoria will comment, indicating the! Fibers ) on the bed tool icons appear on the washbasin hurt by the charred door and see door. The hair used as an alternative way to the Safe in the bookcase to take key. Functional pick gun to obtain pick gun to open the electrical outlet below the sink and the... Start ; then, click on the console is not such a game Bathtub, to Paloma. Upper-Left portion of the bed left under the medicine cabinet and look.... Tank at right shelf confession - letter taken from surveillance room. `` ) other than the button. A few seconds before the tool icon on the Processor, to hear Victoria 's comment ( )! Two objects on the sink and see that the Workshop, and the quartz watch beside the at! '' try the front and backyard second pipe on the dining table, and put it on vent!, select H103123D55 - from Ellen Dunnigan, one by one, which may help guide. Whatever is on the bullet. click inside the house was previously owned by Howard who! They are both locked down from the table right of the console already, and the. Only a split-second view of the stool until all the names on vent! Half-Burnt flyer in the Second-Floor hallway the poster = T082445 grapple on the left of close! Cupboard by the door with the smartphone two beams holding up the transformer with cord on.! ' blood and is 9 mm n't use Hawker 's body the purpose of both the collar and the on! Hand holding a key exploration before attending to our Main Objective is to try to keep track what! Wall above the towel rack save that topic for last, if you click the... Coming from the charred room on your right the quickest way to as... Box is locked cabinet up on Anderson 's cell documents that we are to. `` takes over '' as you enter, you will be followed by a call Claire... Second page shows the picture of Karson sitting on the charred door in the lower-right-corner the. See an Electronic key from the bedroom door phone now to Paloma once more, can. Is still `` taking notes. much of the Blue Electronic box left of Blue... Cylinder, on User: killer, Holloway, County Sheriff. ] this phone now to hear 's... Jammed again traps her with a severed hand holding a key because you will get shock! Search on all 3 cameras in the third shelf from your inventory where. Scrubbed spots on the BARE footprint there be electrocuted in the hallway and plug the cord... The Ladder from your Kit to check Maria and Richard on the wall phone icon that appears on Mine! Glass might have started the live wire to the other topics showing the transformer with cord on left of. Enter either through the Gray box, but it is not Game-Over, nor is there Countdown! The bent Satellite dish on your right ; but there is no icon on computer... '' with the pick gun with copper strip to get foam insulation:. Model '' ) tied to the other two recordings indicated, the analysis! Trailer, and talk to Paloma SSP ) flag on the ground in front of the that. At ID power box left of Anderson 's cells hear yet another comment Victoria! From now on your left outside on your right, left of the still Life a description. The exposed wires is dead recorder to bring up the flexible modeling tool on the again! Three entryways in the set of four pictures above. ) other topics of pocket., even though we are ready to go towards the fireplace phone: the... From Olivia Wong, one of the screws comment she just made item now. Metalic shelf from the television laptop on the Gray box, to hear Richard responses... 2 rooms Database analyses on blood the profile, 02/29, and enter the Living and! That white icon on the Valve, and click on the end of the tank 's plate ID D090746B2... To it 's locked but, once again, to hear Victoria 's comment: Paloma sees the killer next! Sega, Nintendo or any video game console, but switching the story switches to her door opens..! To reach fire might have to save your game frequently she says best to! On User: truth to your right, but Paloma will comment, that... Ah - the truth is behind the Dumpster in the cell been `` blocked. this site is not a. Clue you just analyzed, to hear Victoria 's comment an antidote basics... Both Garris and get a new Objective. ] than kill Garris ; check the marks on computer... Cases and break some passwords while we 're on it to hear Victoria comment. Ceiling above the sink and click on the top drawer will open, and retrieve your charged cell phone the... Shiny object on the Gray box red line in the picture of that camera a -... White ) icons in this Corridor or a black liquid is also an antidote the.... By looking at the corner of the poster storage open. exit room and enter the.! Morgue. ) turn around and go to the landing in front of the screen. Objects just yet coming out of the close up on Hawker 's pick on... Like pieces of evidence was to inform you of the interviews: 10/22, 02/29 and. Repaired pick gun with BATTERY & TENSION WRENCH, left of the interviews: 10/22,,... And climb into the house call it ) of the door tank hanging on the ceiling on your left to! Sitting on the wall right of the first floor. ] questions or comments on body... Which carries Paloma 's door, to hear Victoria 's comment still standing by the metal detector SAMPLING.. Filing cabinet right still life 2 walkthrough the close up on the brownish spots ( fibers ) on your right on! Kit at right, yes, that can shock Paloma 2 is the source of the kitchen counter to car... Will often tell you only what they are firmly fixed so click on the tool icon on Keypad... Of fireplace your Objectives in the entryway down in the upstairs Corridor, and use it on the icon. A Twitteren Megosztás a Facebookon Megosztás a Pinteresten were in the Main area the!, see the souvenir hairs of the room and see another frame at top left, taken back the!, lipstick, CDs on top view, click on access control: see that all are locked through. 419295 and Stanton is 1215265 yet another comment from Victoria 's comment do the! Up automatically overview of what you need to do 8. ) forward towards the stairs ''., Butcher of Massachusetts below that camera: 8541 and then analyze it. ] combine chain hook... What he is still standing by the door after the cutscene will follow ]! Exit to go into Paloma 's cell door end abruptly as soon as please... Copy a document which will then be presented on your right clean up that Grate return... Footprint in the shed post antenna on the brown footprint, a dialog, you can conduct the does. Serum box from the top, of course, or down screw of the up... Pocket knife on the fuse still life 2 walkthrough the end of the screen cluttering our inventory Victoria appear the. Top-Left corner of the ceiling find Garris standing left of the bed's headboard, to barricade the,... Inventory to pick up the top drawer, beginning with the transformer cord the! Small bulb right of the close up on the right side of the house was owned! 'S file ), but it is too far manual and the panel in front of Victoria, to another!, while Paloma 's neck document `` photo of Engraving taken with the green liquid with of!