Retrieved from:, Tourism BC. For more information, visit the Mountain Bike Tourism Association website: Road cycling appeals to those who want to travel on paved roads on bikes designed for travelling long distances efficiently and effectively. [PDF] Retrieved from:, Tourism BC. Golfing provides an opportunity to attract significant tourism revenue as the average golf traveller has a much higher than average income level, with up to 50% of all golf travellers earning $100,000 or more per annum (Tourism BC, 2009b). Kayaking trips may be as short as an afternoon harbour tour, or as long as a seven-day wilderness exploration to the remote regions of Vancouver Island. As a consequence, draw-ing on the term water tourism, for the intent of this book, the phrase “water-based tourism, sport, leisure, and recreation experiences” has been coined. Bear viewing — whether for black bears, grizzly bears, or the rare kermode bear — is also popular. Retrieved from:, Canadian Tourism Commission. Retrieved from:, Selkirk Wilderness Skiing (n.d.). Retrieved from:, Tourism BC. Significantly, for 13% of visitors, the primary motivation for their travel to BC was wildlife viewing (CTC, 2007). The use of boats and water sports equipment. What are the advantages of promoting BC’s natural elements as a pillar of marketing campaigns? GOABC is also the publisher of Mountain Hunter magazine. The skiing/snowboarding is often packaged with a luxury lodge accommodation, gourmet meals, and access to spa treatments. As with heliskiing, snowcat skiers have the option of choosing single-day or multi-day vacation packages. Size and geometrical features of rivers, VIII. Spotlight On: The Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC, Commercial operators offering tours are represented by the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC (SKGABC), which represents more than 600 individual and company members working in the commercial sea kayaking industry. Access to wilderness areas for tourism operators is an ongoing challenge. As such, tourism is a product of modern social arrangements, beginning in western Europe in the 17th century, although it has antecedents in Classical antiquity. Activities include scuba diving, boat tours, sport fishing, paddle sports, and more. Other services and activities may also be available, such as spa treatments, hiking, canoeing, and fishing (BC Guest Ranchers Association, n.d.). Sport tourism, the sport of tourists, II.4. Recently, wilderness tourism operators who hold Crown land tenure to operate in remote areas have complained that ORVs negatively affect their visitors’ experiences. BC is regarded as a world-class destination for backcountry access, and has recently seen considerable and sustained growth in this sector (Porteus, 2013). Now that we’ve explored some of the key land-based tourism and recreational experiences in BC, let’s turn to the water. Definition of domestic tourism in the dictionary. Guest ranchers business survey 2008/2009. [PDF] Retrieved from:, Canadian Tourism Commission. [PDF] Retrieved from, British Columbia Snowmobile Federation (n.d.). A drug tourist may cross a national border to obtain a drug that is not sold in one's home country, or to obtain an illegal drug that is more available in the visited destination. Let’s start by exploring some recreation-based terms that are common in the tourism industry. With more than 50 cross-country ski centres across BC, and a season that often exceeds that of downhill skiing (November to May in many areas), the sport attracts large numbers of local and inbound recreation enthusiasts. The notion and significance of water tourism, VII.2.1. The aggregate economic value of destination mountain resorts is significant; one study by Tourism BC found that 13 of these resorts were responsible for generating approximately 1.1 billion in revenue, or 8% of the total provincial tourism revenues in 2008. Guide outfitters are licensed by the BC Government to provide commercial hunting services for non-residents. They are found primarily in the Great Bear Rainforest of the Central Coast, and figure prominently in the spiritual traditions of BC’s Coastal First Nations. Recreationcan be defined as the pursuit of leisure activities during one’s spare time (Tribe, 2011) and can include vastly different activities such as golfing, sport fishing, and rock climbing. Guides are required to be certified at one of three levels: guide, senior guide, or trip leader. Recreation can be defined as the pursuit of leisure activities during one’s spare time (Tribe, 2011) and can include vastly different activities such as golfing, sport fishing, and rock climbing. For more information, visit the Whistler Sport Legacies website: Recreational Participation • Recreation actually includes an extremely broad range of leisure activities including travel and tourism, cultural entertainment, participation in the arts, hobbies, membership in social clubs or interests groups. The size, extent, and economic contribution of recreation, outdoor recreation, and adventure tourism in British Columbia is also substantial. 1. of, relating to, or used for recreation: recreational facilities. (n.d.) River rafting British Columbia. (2006). ORV use has long been the subject of conflict between non-motorized and motorized recreational users of the wilderness. Recreational tourism resource attribute is an attribute of the resource, through certain properties affect the physiological function of the tourists. The role and significance of recreation in Hungary: I.3. Figure 5.2 Row Your Boat by Matt Hosford is used under a CC-BY 2.0 license. It has hosted a symposium on mountain bike tourism and works with Bike Parks BC to ensure terrain development. (2011a). The rest of this chapter explores the sector in the province in more detail. On a global scale, climate change threatens tourism in BC in many ways, including irregular and insufficient snowfall for winter operations, the pine beetle epidemic sweeping through the province’s forests, and climate-related stress impacting prime wildlife viewing of species such as whales and bears. (n.d.). Figure 5.7 Waiting in line by Ruth Hartnup is used under a CC-BY 2.0 license. Of or relating to recreation: recreational swimming. (2014a). On a local scale, competition with resource extraction for wilderness areas is a vital issue; without reliable access to pristine wilderness, many operators are facing threats to their sustainability (Wilderness Tourism Association, 2005). 4th Edition. VI.1.5.3. For more information, visit the Canada West Ski Areas Association website: Spotlight On: Test of Metal and GranFondo, Two major bike races bring significant visitors to the Sea-to-Sky Corridor. VIII.5. Many of these outfitters are small family operations  based in rural areas; they are a source valuable economic activity in areas with limited resources (GOABC, n.d.). Retrieved from:, BC Fishing Resorts and Outfitters Association. Ecotourism is now defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and … BC’s reputation as a prime mountain biking destination has grown because of the unique array of trails available, ranging from the steep, challenging routes of Vancouver’s North Shore, to the high alpine cross-country routes found in the South Chilcotin Mountains (Tourism BC, 2011b). On the other hand, regional mountain resorts are usually smaller in size and capacity, have fewer amenities, and often cater more directly to the local community (Tourism BC, 2011c) such as Whitewater Ski Resort in the Kootenay Rockies. Social factors influencing sport tourism, IV.2. Today, there are close to 20 helicopter skiing companies in BC, which represents the largest concentration of commercial operations in the world (HeliCat Canada, n.d.). Visiting castles, folk art museums, rdeligious tourim can serve as examples. For more information, visit Helicat Canada: (2014b). (n.d.). BC’s many world-class facilities and high-quality snow conditions provide mass appeal for downhill skiing and snowboarding. Adventure tourism is active tourism that combines experiences, local interactions, and physical activities to explore and connect with self, nature, and communities. Retrieved from:, Education Scotland. Requirements. This could be a webpage, a brochure, an app, a poster, or another marketing piece. The most commonly observed whale is the orca, one of the province’s most distinctive animals. A conceptual model of the core phenomenon and key themes in event tourism studies is provided as a framework for spurring theoretical advancement, identifying research gaps, and assisting professional practice. tourism, as is the case with the term recreational-tourism resources. (2011b). The Council promotes the benefits of outdoor recreation, represents the community to government and the general public, advocates and educates about responsible land use, provides a forum for exchanging information, and connects different outdoor recreation groups. Being an iconic destination in Hungary, the Lake Balaton and its surroundings do play a significant role in tourism. These provisions set out the minimum level of guide required, acceptable water levels ranges, and type of equipment needed for each river excursion (BCROA, n.d.).