But wire wrapping SMALL stones has its own set of challenges and adjustments to make. carefully but firmly, bend your six-wire bundle around your centerpiece Learn how to wrap cabochons from Dale Cougar Armstrong with less jewelry making wire. Faceted gemstones are popular centerpieces for pendants and other types of jewelry, and they can be used to … Make sure the wires sit beneath a wide point of the stone, so it can't slip out. Photos here are not very clear as they were taken using my mobile phone, and in the dead of night. google_color_url="E55600"; ClearlyChosen Swarovski Library & Jewelry Making Info, 2 more Wire Coling and Wire Wrapping added. Choose a large disc-shaped bead so that you will have lots of surface area to work with. you’ll face when wire-wrapping small stones. I keep the wire still on the spool. Using the longer wire, weave into the stitches of the crocheted chain stitch. 9. Spread out the 4 wires extending from the loop so they are equidistant. Enter in your email and password to create a FREE account. Its small size makes it hard to wire wrap in the normal way (as in. 1. Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip for October 3, 2011. Enroll Now ». November 30, 2015 By Gayle Bird & filed under Jewelry Blog, Wirework. how to wire wrap gemstone nuggets. Leave about 6 inch of wire and make your first loop (chain stitch) with your crochet hook. IMPORTANT: do not twist wires too tightly together - fine wires tend to break off if twisted too tightly. Jan 6, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Thierry Sauvarie. Instructions for Wire Wrap Stones. your own Pins on Pinterest Sandpaper. Jewel in the heart – A simple way to wrap small stones with copper wire by Lan Anh Handmade The length and diameter used depends on the size of the stone you want to make. 2 Ways to Wire Wrap Irregular Gemstone Nuggets. 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Stick one little wire through that hole, and you’re immediately free to stop worrying about the structure and instead play with the form. However wire wrapping small gemstones with no holes is not quite the same. Tumbled stones are easier to wrap than rough-cut stones, but both can have a wonderful effect. Bring the wire to the top (where the other beginning 6" starting wire is). Optional Extras. So instead, pick rough-cut stones or, better yet, hardly-cut stones. Wrap around as much as you see fit. This side will be turned against the stone, hidden from view. Finish off by pulling the wire through the last chain stitch. You can buy a slice of a small geode to wire-wrap. There are many ways to use small stones with no holes - the easiest that comes to mind is to glue them. The smoother and slipperier and more perfect your stone is, the more you’re going to go crazy trying to wrap it. Once the top 2 wires have been twisted together, make a wire-wrapped loop/bail (as you normally would with one wire). google_ad_type="text_image"; Make a small loop with your round nosed pliers. Stick one little wire through that hole, and you’re immediately free to stop worrying about the structure and instead play with the form. (I normally find between 4-5 will work). Wrap one of your binding wires around the center of your bundle, holding it together. Jan 19, 2018 - Explore Sandra King's board "wire wrapped stones", followed by 516 people on Pinterest. If you have a stone that is much smaller, say only 1cm long, you may want to … To bring the wire to the top of the stone, bend it up on the back of the stone. Wrap the chain stitch wire around the length of your stone and as best as you can, hold the stone in place. Learn new craft techniques and tips from the experts. Next, cover your crystal with a small piece of tissue paper and position it so the smallest point rests in the ring. This is a bit like Goldilocks. Feb 25, 2019 - Explore Colleen's Creations's board "How to Wire Wrap Small Stones" on Pinterest. google_ad_height=600; For smaller stones, you probably want to use wire around 20-22ga. Curve your wire wrapped section so that it roughly fits the stone along what will be the bottom curve of your wire wrap stone pendant. google_color_link="000000"; Discover (and save!) Wire cutters Flat-nosed pliers Round-nosed pliers Felt-tip pen Ruler 20-gauge square soft jewelry wire 22-gauge square hard jewelry wire 22-gauge half-round hard jewelry wire Faceted gemstone Tape. You may need to trim the wire to make sure it ends on the correct side. Wrap your “F” wire around the front of the stone and the “B” wire around the back. Sign up for the Premium Membership and get access to our best Craftsy videos and projects. Use your fingers to separate the wires at the base of the loop you created. If you are wrapping a large stone and the wire isn’t perfectly aligned, it’s not such a big deal since the wire in general follows the side of the stone. Bend the left two wires and the right two wires over the stone, curving them gently, so that they cross over each other in an X close to the top of the stone. Question: What would be the smallest size gem stone that I could use to wire wrap?-Karen in Dallas, Georgia. With so many wire-wrapping stone tutorials, patterns and classes out there, surely they mean you can wrap EVERY stone using those techniques, right? Learn exactly the tips & techniques you need to take your wirework to the next level! Note: though I call this wire-wrapping, it is more for convenience and for the fact that I don't know what else to call this. The smaller the stone, the more tiny imperfections will show. Cross the wires at the top, twist together to hold wires in place: one or two twists will do. Applicable to almost all stone shapes, most suitable are round cabochon and droplets. Rock Jewelry Stone Jewelry Metal Jewelry Beaded Jewelry Hippie Jewelry Jewellery Jewelry Art … google_color_bg="E6D9B9"; Anywhere. Feb 27, 2016 - Shop by department, purchase cars, fashion apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, cameras, baby items, and everything else on eBay, the world's online marketplace However I have found a way to wire wrap these tiny non-holed gemstones that is quite satisfactory. I will be doing some more experiments with small gemstones at a later stage. Optional: you can add a small bead/crystal at the top before making the bail/loop. Center the wire with the stone so there is an excess of an eighth of an inch of wire on each side of the stone. How to: 1.To work out approximately how much wire you will need, measure your stone at its longest length, then multiply by 10. Wrap that excess wire around the base of the loop and trim off excess with cutter pliers. See more ideas about Wire wrapped jewelry, Wire wrapping stones, Wire jewelry. google_ad_width=120; I like round wire because it can twist without being defaced, which means I can work more quickly. So this piece of rose quartz is about 2.5cm/1 inch so means I need a 25cm/10 inch length of wire. Align the Wire on the Stone Hold the section of twisted wire along the side of the stone, and place the stone between the two wires (as shown in the photo below). //-->, Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites, It is easier to wire wrap stones that have holes because the holes give you an base/anchor for your wire to start. Bend the ends of the “F” and “B” wires into small hooks (only use the excess quarter inch of wire to make the hooks). Nov 29, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Nathalie Thomas. You are going to have some loose ends of wire on your pieces. your own Pins on Pinterest your own Pins on Pinterest Feb 8, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Linda Erickson. And for a nice variation, twisted wire works, too. Make sure both ends of this wire face the same side of your bundle. So go slowly, and get it right. Keep weaving around the stone till the stone is secure. Depending on the size of the product, you can use it as pendant, earrings, key chains, or decorations. The biggest secret to wire-wrapping small stones — the one that hardcore metalworkers often ignore, valuing meticulousness over efficiency — is to use small stones with holes in them. I adjusted the position of the swirl here as well, I thought it was just a bit too low. Enjoy interactive instruction from designer Aga Kruk in 7 fun HD video lessons. The biggest secret to wire-wrapping small stones — the one that hardcore metalworkers often ignore, valuing meticulousness over efficiency — is to use small stones with holes in them. Mar 28, 2018 - Shop by department, purchase cars, fashion apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, cameras, baby items, and everything else on eBay, the world's online marketplace Start wrapping the top by just bending the wire to the side on the right height and wrapping it around again. Make a number of chain stitches. Leave about one inch of wire on end with loop. When you have the length (in chain stitches) you require, cut off about 12inches of wire from where your last chain stitch is. Well, sort of. Anytime. 2. Here you can also wrap about three times. Can you wrap thick cabochons with little girdle? Its twists end up being little grippy bits along your stone. Apr 30, 2018 - How to Wire Wrap Small Stones #jewelrymaking Now keep twist the 2 wires at the top together; twist till the end. You might have to add or … google_color_text="6B5D40"; Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip August 3, 2010. google_color_border="E6D9B9"; DIY Wire Wrapped Pendant.