Posted in Others, Tips & Tricks, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Tags: change fn key settings windows disable action keys windows 10 f2 rename not working fn key not working function keys not working windows 10 use function keys without pressing fn. If your keyboard has a Fn Lock key, just hold down the Fn key and then press the Fn Lock key simultaneously, it will enable Action Keys mode. They can also function as the classic F1-F12 keys — but not at the same time. These options vary depending on the make and model of your Windows laptop. Function Key – Disable Action Keys mode. Does not require pressing Fn key to perform the actions printed on the function keys. Since the control panel has changed and the keyboard can't be managed there, I tried to enter the BIOS to do it, but this seems impossible too. If I accidentally activate the Action Keys (Hotkeys) mode, then F2 will lower volume and I have to press Fn + F2 for renaming files. The Fn lock key is usually the Escape key and it will have a padlock on it (see image below). This will activate the Windows functionality of the key. To access it on Windows 10 or 8.1, right-click the Start button and select “Mobility Center.” On Windows 7, press Windows Key + X. You’ll see the option under “Fn Key Behavior.” This option may also be available in a keyboard settings configuration tool installed by your computer manufacturer. Modern laptop and desktop keyboards have a multi-purpose set of keys in the “function” row. you guys are slipping over there or something? Required fields are marked *. When Action Keys mode is enabled, function keys will work as multimedia keys by default. The keys that work in conjunction with the Fn key will usually have a blue symbol or blue word displayed (the Dell laptop model XPS 13 9350 symbols are white). This is purely subject to the make of a keyboard and is not something to do with drivers or a Windows 10 feature. The Fn key lock works the same way. Windows 7 “Windows” + “X” key will bring up Windows Mobility Center straight away. I’m new to Windows 10, but I remember a previous incarnation of Windows there was a checkbox to lock the Fn key somewhere in the Control Panel. If this fails you might need to change them in the BIOS settings. EMMART is correct! Release the Fn key after and the Fn key lock will be on. Provide useful password recovery tricks, guides and software, access BIOS from Command Prompt, the Settings app or Windows sign-in screen, 3 Methods to Disable NumLock on a Laptop Keyboard, How to Reset Lost Windows 8 Password for UEFI-based Samsung Laptop, How to Reset Forgotten Windows 8 Password on Sony Laptop with UEFI BIOS, How to Change UAC Behavior for Standard Users in Windows 10, How to Change Default Setting for Alt+F4 Shut Down Windows Dialog, How to Change Notepad Default Encoding in Windows 10, How to Close a TCP / UDP Port Using Windows Firewall, How to Find Which Process is Listening on a Given Port in Windows 10, 3 Ways to Disable Aero Shake in Windows 10, Turn on your computer, immediately and repeatedly press a specific key (F2, F12, DEL, F10, ESC, etc.) You just need to simply press down the “Fn” key and then “Esc” key on the same time to switch the role of the key. Press enter and switch it to "disabled". 2 Watch the boot screen. Method 1: Unlock the Dell Keyboard Function Keys with Keys Find the key with the Fn Lock icon in your keyboard (usually the Esc key). To disable, or enable, the function key (fn) in the BIOS, do the following steps. Multimedia Key – Enable Action Keys mode. There are two main methods through which you can Enable Function keys. Pressing the Fn key and Fn Lock key again will disable Action Keys mode. FIX the Gmail Sign In Page Issues, FRAPS Download for Windows 10 (Full Review 2021), Does Not Equal Sign – How to Type The Not Equal Symbol ( ≠ ), 5 ways to identify your Windows drive on Windows 10, How to fix Spotlight search not working on macOS. There are multiple ways of doing it, using the keyboard keys with your computer on, through the BIOS and using windows mobility center. To revert the Fn keys to their default usage press Fn + ESC key. whats happening Dell? How to turn off the Fn key on HP Laptop Reset the computer while booting you most F10 to enter the BIOS settings >> select the System Configuration tab >> Action Keys Mode [Enable] or [Disabled]. This doesn't lock the Fn key. To disable or enable the function key (fn) in the BIOS follow the below steps: • Hold the power button for at least five seconds to turn off the computer.