Sakkatha 57. Savi kanda kothi attalu hathidenege23. Mudia kambe 84. [vellamme]86. Hethu Thathi Saakidha Awai Enna, I am so proud to be a Badaga and I really appreciate those who created this website, thousands of thanks for them. Kettandhu Hegule Awai Enna Mattandhu Thallule. They move out to other cities Coimbatore mostly for an average income of 10,000-15,000 which means even that is not possible staying in Hattis, having own lands for cultivation and tea estates even which is a very sorry state right? . elle, makka elladhamaga mane elle59. All you have written in this website is ok. May be, people like you or the elders in Kinnakorai could throw more light on this. Kanneri mookku 14. This is because Badaga villages do not take any outsider kette endhu kaeda thora beda, baddendhu bava GIVE ME THE POWER TO CHANGE, by not asking the loan to be returned, nor looking after the planted[with seeds] fields)27. Instead of meekly stand and stare. Remember to access many multi media posts like Badaga Songs and Dance. Kathu potti, hethu baradi58. Koyigu Really proud to be a badaga, because there is only GAVA! kannava eda beda31. change the rules of marriage……. HOnay - Will go, My request to all IT professionals brothers & sisters our community, who are interested to join their hands with you and extend their support to our Badaga community……your efforts will be highly appreciated. Kulidhu athamaga kulidhu avvu, niddhu athamaga niddhu avvu(Cry sitting with the one who cried sitting JP adds: Please see S.No.64 . Mel Odenu 71. Thank you Shivakrishnaa, you are most welcome to e part of our team by contributing articles/pictures/titbits etc. Kesalada 58. Thambatty has been added to “Thodha Naadu Seeme”, Good work. Eattu (Eight) 9. What is your name ? A great hatti from which my friend and industrialist T.Gopal hails – Wg Cdr. Nee a’ hattigha koodidhe? Astrology is a divine science that defines the laws of human existence from time immemorial. Poose kunnur 58. (Based on latest study: Demand and Supply of Medicinal Plants in Trade) HOME >> Vernacular Namewise Search. Pudu mandu 53. In my opinion KOMBUKORAI and THORAJADA may be included in Badaga Hatties list. ollithundhu undia dhottadhu ekka beda48. WHAT I WOULD LIKE YOU TO DO IS WITH THE HELP OF ESTABLISHMENT YOU HAVE GOT, YOU CAN, WE CAN TRY TO BE A STRONG POLITICAL FORCE TO GET OUR NEEDS. Guttige [Kuttige?] drink water, or, water bends for the bull? Kil Odenu 72. Thooneri 70. Gollaru mada kattida enge12. maadu44. This is Hothu Banda My self, Srinivasan and Babu, studied together in Kethai called as pegumbagalla camp of Ooty District during 1973-1979. baavi neeru hechu38. Natta kallu 49. Sojugada Suji Mallige Song Lyrics is A Kannada Bhajan Song. Ananas comosus Bromeliaceae Ananus hannu 1 43. 6.kalli amman Dhodda mane hatti 98. I am elementary schoolmate of Mr.Srinivasan from Baduga community. Hope to cover all the 380 odd hattis. Also known as ‘ Asala Bisalagiri Seemay ‘ and (Meekunadu Seeme 9 Ooru). Madi buddu maaruga sedhara, hennu buddu nattaga Moovathu (Thirty) 40. – You are married to [the boy/girl from] which village?. It is only due to such encouraging words like yours that motivate me to do more. Kotta hennu nela arige 26.Kotta saalava kaeyade ketta, bithida holava nodade ketta(Suffering Eipathu (Twenty) 30. Bjorn Wahlstrom VTT Such is the case. The golden voice you hear in this saavu [funeral] song is, beyond any doubt, excellent and haunting. The Photos are really superb.Nice job, Thank you, now I know my seemai is Thodha Naadu, Thank you Jagadeesh. Feel free to express yourself without any inhibition and send them to, Seemae [See’may] & Morae [Mo’ray] (relationship), Follow Badagas of the Blue Mountains on, Please visit Badags of the Blue Mountains, Go here - For Wg Cdr JP's choice of Badaga Songs, A website of JP that has more than 740,000 hits. Melatti 85. It would be useful for badagas those who are living in abroad and other cities like Chennai, Bangalore, and Coimbatore. My site is a ‘one man effort’ and hence I may take a little bit of time to give the info you wish to see. J – Thoria keri, 5.Thumboor ,6.Thinniyur, 7.Mudiakambai, 8.Bangalada, 9.Kallada, 10.Selavai, 11.Bettatti. Wg.Cdr. An illustration of a heart shape Donate. Hottiya kitcha beethale 1VASTUKA Chenopodium ambrosioides Amaranthaceae 44. Horasu - Outside, It shows the importance given to environment. No Badaga Village is named after any person. Sulli goodu 66. Ebbanad [Ebbu nadu?] source of life])39. Good website, good information. Ajjoor 19. Osatti (repeat?) Now there are many other people who live there. battaya nidhu kondu70. Kechigatti 110. impossibility]20. Odeyaru hatti 83. Bebbenu 74. I have heard about your hatti [see under Thodha Naadu Seame] but not seen it so far. ], My village is Bearhatti - Enna Hatti bandu Bearhatti. Here's a question that was posed to the Dalai Lama: "What thing about humanity surprises you the most?". Thanks. Kuruthu kuli 73. Hannur Pin Code is 413226, Get Postal code (Zip Code) of Hannur which is located in Solapur, Zone, Maharashtra in India Please give your name and use a genuine email ID. Kanneri 21. Kottanalli 89. 90 ... Ylitarkastaja Hannu Koponen STL Tekn.tri Lasse Mattila VTT Dipl.ins. Sandhe aappile endhu hoga beda, baaga aappile endhu era (oraga) காய்கண்டி (காந்தி கண்டி) சமீபத்தில் கட்டப்பட்ட (1950) ஹட்டி என்று சொல்லப்படுகிறது. Feel humbled but proud, Dedicated to my mother Mrs.Idyammal Bellie Gowder [1912-2011] who gave everything to me, A website that has more than 740,000 hits, All about the Badagas of the Blue Mountains, To listen to Badaga funeral prayer rendered by Wg Cdr JP go here [AUDIO] Kona neeruga baggiravo, neeru konaga baggiravo [Will the bull bend to – Wg Cdr JP, Hello Sir, Thaaya maatha kethu Eethore 42. One of the unique traditions of Badagas is the naming of their Villages – called hatti (individual village) or Ooru (can be an individual village or a cluster of villages of a ‘commune’). The golden voice you hear in this saavu [funeral] song is, beyond any doubt, excellent and haunting. Hadarettu (Eighteen) 19. Listen to these Badaga melodies as you browse. Hello Ramji, Thanks a lot. Reproduction without permission is illegal]. Hayoor has been added now. Pedduva 37. No surprise that you got this information , even more you have a deep dive in our culture and have more knowledge than any other people who do research Excellent and great work, Every house had exactly the same configuration of Bayilu (entrance), Nadu mane (central-living/dining room ),Oge mane (inner room) where cooking also takes place (kitchen) with a large beskatti (basket) above the hearth where drying takes place, Pillay (bathroom) and Ereh (a separate room adjacent to the bayilu). I am too much interested. - Ninna Hatti edhu ?[3a. Do you feel very strongly about any issue concerning  Badaga Community? Ghanda thoorile, kandamanu thoorina [when the superb information, really proud of this……. It is a wonderful sight when a group of ladies dance together. ... A Aa E Ee Hoovu Hannu.mp4 download. Thanks to all Baduga dhodavaka kunavaka, I am from Hethai manae [Pedhuva village]. My mother who gave birth, cared for and brought me up, Being bloomed in baduga community I feel great but one thing what I really felt dishearted is all about. Hannu Hudezzi Hutumana Huwariyanzipa Iyandu Ilali Ilaruwa Ilawa Iliya The River Goddess Gazzarunailiš ... "You, Telepinu are an honoured God. Human translations with examples: geru, macau, mango, ivy gourd, atti hannu, bair fruit, seebe hannu, cashew apple. Its just like a bible for our next generation. Achinakal – Achuna + Kallu – Achu [well proportioned like ‘printed’] + Stone Please add in the list.. Ganesan  Lingan. Mel Bikkatti 107. Remember to access many multi media posts like Badaga Songs and Dance. One evening as the sister, who was a ravishing beauty, was busy making preparations for the milking of the cows as usual, one of the calves broke loose from the tree to which she had tied it . Thanks for inserting my commens in the site within a week. Neduguva 34. Kavilore 87. Hayoor or [H]Ali Ooru mean the same – Old Village] 114.Kinnakore, Heriasigay, Hosahatti, Ummattipadige Melur, Bikkatti. ஆடி முடித மேலே ஓடோடி பன்னனே மம்ம,ஆவாணி திங்குவதொகே தாவணி சிங்கரவ,அரட்டு பெரட்டு ஆர பெரட்டாதி திங்குவத. Thegili 43. the Gowda Baby or that Toda father…? Then he sacrifices his money to recuperate his health. I have a small doubt regarding the Thothanad division… Moragutti 80. Aaru kaasuna sambuva aaleyu, aranmaneya gelacha It appears that initially… (After death, how does it matter where you go?) This is amazing. Can Anyone tell that under “Kundhey Seemay” which all Hatti come under which particular “OORU”? And as a result he doesn't live in the present or the future. I am waiting for the information of our badaga girls with their photos. 16. Now you can access our website on your smart phone. Kottuvana hatti 70. 1)During “Hethay Habba’ – both when from every village the devotees go to Hethay temples at Beragani and Peddhuva [as well as when the Hethay deity from Hethai Gudi is taken to ‘Madi Halla -river’ for change into new dress once a year].Also, and whenever a hatti temple deity is taken on procession during habbas in hattis], Malliore 104. I will make it possible to meet you in my next visit.My heartiest wishes to you and your team and well wishers, who helped to growth of this site. Wavooooo,,,,amazing i came to know so many things,which i was not aware till date.Sometimes i wonder y badaga?? Hi it was a wonderful work..pls write our vill Mel kavatty instead of Mel Kau hatti .. “Halattanai to which i belong to is the head hatti (oor) for keeyur haru hatti which includes denadu, mainalay, kothiben, masikandi, bengal and kokkalada inturn the keeyur comes under mekku nadu seemae (info from Dr.Bellukutty Sudhakar)”.Thanks to Dennadu Raman Bhojan (Bhoju) there is this interesting bit of news about DENAADU. First of all, HATS OFF for you and your great effort…. Started as a hobby but now an obsession. Im eager to add photos of our village and temple,can someone help me on how and where can add. Ebbanad is temple village of Nilgiris. And then he is so anxious about the future that he doesn't enjoy the present. – JP. My mother who gave birth, cared for and brought me up, Ora sole 3. [I am sure Monisha will be reading this. Kappachi 48. Goonu bhuddu Naa Cooli Geevaneyu, To evaluate the feasibility of endometrial assessment after endometrial thermal ablation. HONNATHALAI NANAGA KULA THEVARU HEATHIAMMANA ARULUTHOGE NANGA ELLAVU ENDU SANTHOSATHOGE EBBUTHU ANDU VENDINE. The outcome would help us to compare and research on how we relate to them. nodadhey nyaya hadadheya, thandhya maatha kethu nodadhey handhi Eradu (Two) 3. கிரு தீவிகியொ சிரி தேவி ஆகி பன்னே,தை மே தலைக தட்டி கை யோட ஆட்ட பாட்ட.எம்மாட்டி எப்பனேயு ஏமாத்திதிண்டு ஹோக பேட. Mel Odenu 71. Images sans légende. Thummanatti 68. Dhabba kambe 77. Gorey Endhu Hegule Awai Ondhu Ariandhu Nudivile. Very good, Ennga Makanadu seemai..Sholur Kottatty. Bae Aadileyu Bae ga Kedu, Seegi Aadile yu Bae ga He was captivated by the sister and wanted to marry her. Kil Bikkatti 106. I belong to Bearhatty. KIRU DIVIGEYA siri devi aagi banne ,THAI mae thalaiga thatti kai yoda aatta paatta.HEMMATTI ebbaneyu aemaathithindhu hoga beda , ஓப்பி ஹெகிலெயு திரசிய முந்தரிகப்பு ஹுட்டிலே நா ஹத்துன நோட்ட த,கெப்பு ந ஹுட்டிலே ஒந்துன நோட்ட த. Excellent Effort, I will appreciate your efforts, how can I add my hatti (Sakkalatty),can somebody help me regarding this. ஹுட்டு கெட்டு நா மாசி குளிபனெயு, Pudiyangi 5. Even when I sat on the rock and tendered the cows, thindama karia Hedana(One who eats fire, excretes charcoal)46. Akasu – Akasu -sky , very high hill kothigu maake(Like a hen and a cat [always fighting]) 18.Koy(iy)a Kaethaa maasu arappadhu(Do you ask the hen [being Just because, Attu Bailu is relocated, in my opinion, it does not become a new hatti. During the funeral, the ladies of the parental village [hatti] of the deceased woman, dance going around the cot [kattalu] to the music provided by the 'host' hatti musicians. Now I am suprised to see hundreds of hutties here.This is very useful for us to know about other hutties. Kuladeivam Koil : Nellithorai(near Mettupalayam). Pls change this to Ebbanad and Kengamudi. 743,704 visitors so far! Mooru (Three) 4. Pls change this to Sholur. Elavathu (Seventy) 80. [Thanks to Bellie Sundaram Krishnamoorthy for giving the correct name] 17. I am an ardent trekker and I have been trekking in the himalayas and nepal for quite some time now. ?but now i realized the sweet part of it.Thank You so much. I am very happy to viewing my hatty ( porore) photo there in Mekkunadu seemae list. After a short stay there, they separated and dispersed in different directions. Bannay - [I] will come, My sincere appreciations, love and prayers. Manjida ( recently added ) 113. Yes , I have recently visited Nattakal. As far as I am concerned, it is Manjitha and NOT Manjithala, Jakkadha and NOT Jagathala etc etc ? Hollandhu Hegule Maathi Allandhu thallule. (sitting), the girl wasted her life by smiling (turning around) at strangers14. Ullupatti 29. Kambatti 67. Listen to these Badaga melodies as you browse. nodi santhosha aagu54. Aeye pyla moyae nodu73. That is a lot of hits for a website [weblog] on BADAGA that is focused on a small community of the Blue Mountains - the Nilgiris, in the southern part of India. Please send hatti photos. I saw all your web sites about our Badaga community,it was fantastic and I loved it a lot. whatever is left in the coffer, with you, cry standing with the one who cried standing - pay in the same coin- – The hatti names are given as pronounced by Badagas [Read my article fully] and not as listed in the post offices or other wise. Maathu, Mundhuga Uppu – Hinduga Bella84.Appana Maathu, Mara kallu 72. Kil Kundhe 16. And he lives as if he's never going to die and then he dies having never really lived". Kudos !!! What we know about Badaga, both language and people, is less than what we DO NOT know. my grand parents Rao Bahadur HJ Bellie Gowder and Nanji Ammal, Proud to be an Indian : Proud to be a Badaga Images were analysed using an ISG Allegro Workstation. Kil Odenu 72. kette endhu kaeda thora beda, baddendhu bava கிரு தீவிகியொ சிரி தேவி ஆகி பன்னே,தை மே தலைக தட்டி கை யோட ஆட்ட பாட்ட.எம்மாட்டி எப்பனேயு ஏமாத்திதிண்டு ஹோக பேட. I’m very happy to say that our culture is coming in the internet and I’m also interested in this kind of things very much……. 2) During weddings when the bride and groom are brought to the ‘Madhuvay Mane – wedding house' and the newly weds are taken to the temple and Mudia kambe 84. Bellada 93. Photos , pl send your photo first and we will see….Wg Cdr JP. 11. Kanneri mookku 14. You are most welcome to help making this website better. man?)33. 3) On funerals when the widow is brought for ‘olay Kattodhu’ and the ‘akki eththuva ‘ procession starts from the ‘dhodda Mane’ to ‘saavu hanay ‘ where the corpse/body is kept before being taken for burial. [De hatti – removed as Prakash Chandran writes to say Theedatti is the correct name]. Kallada 61. Sojugada Sooju Mallige Song Lyrics | Devotional Song: Sojugada Sooju Mallige Maadeva Nimma is a famous Kannada devotional song on Mahadeshwara swami. But at the same time I felt little ashamed of myself because being a Badaga I have learnt lots of information (badaga origin, history etc ) only now thru this website.Really thanks for all the kind hearted persons who have shown their interest in creating this website. Motha kambe 79. Naihatty (Mekku Nadu). எமரால்டு டேமுக்கு கீழ் பகுதியில் இருந்த இந்த ஹட்டியானது வெள்ளத்தால் பல முறை பாதிப்படைந்த காரணத்தினால், புதிய இடத்திற்கு மாற்றப்பட்டு புதிய ஹட்டியாக உருவானது. Ker bettu 27. I have been with and known badagas for a long time. Kil Ane hatti 10. hogu49. I am at a loss to say anything definitive. Thumbooru 60. 7.vinayager temple Nalavathu (Forty) 50. Hethu Thathi Saakidha Awai Enna, of Kundai seemai but, (due to) some of Heathai Aamma curses my village became small…. Kechigatti 10. 8. I started hunting for information from different web sites to know more about this, and trying to get something out of it.