No matter how big or small your operation is, we have the knowledge and selection of guns, accessories and ammo to provide you with that "one-stop shop" experience. Here at Solware we supply a comprehensive range of Pellet Rifles for Sale. Muzzle energy tends to be a more accurate representation of the power of an air gun. The Seneca Wing Shot II.50 caliber precharged pneumatic (PCP) bolt-action shotgun offers airgun hunters the versatility of choosing either.50 caliber shotshells or bullets. They come in fifty round boxes. But wait, there’s more. $199.95. Capable of speeds up to 500 fps and 238 FPE, Air Bolts are a fusion of innovative design and incredible knockdown power. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Shoots.50-caliber Air Venturi Air Bolts Wing Shot II PCP Operates as Shotgun or Rifle in one beautifully crafted gun! This Double Barrel PCP Air Rifle/Air Shotgun shoots.50 Caliber slugs up to 1130 FPS Features two smooth bore barrels, removable thread on chokes, and an air distributor Includes a 244 cc air cylinder, 3000 psi fill, a male quick disconnect Foster fitting, and an on-board pressure guage FAST 'N FREE. It measured under 2 inches. FPE is a critical number for determining if a gun and projectile can be used to ethically on specific prey. T he Air rifle that Lewis and Clark used was very powerful.They killed big game and some people with it.20 shots per tank of air.No bang. Always hit the mark with a MidwayUSA Gift Certificate. Air Venturi 12.2mm choke Fits Air Venturi Wing Shot shotgun Screws onto end of barrel Enjoy a longer effective range, increased accuracy and a tighter pattern with your Air Venturi Wing Shot by adding this 12.2mm choke. You expect air guns to be quiet, but guns this powerful are not silent. *** Notice - This video contains hunting footage. Most manufacturers will state muzzle velocity in feet per second (or FPS) in the product specifications, but muzzle velocity doesn’t tell the whole story. Nice article on interesting product with a bright future. There are a couple of air venturi air rifles to choose from as well, such as the Bronco. Whether you have been hunting with high powered big bore air rifles for some time or are new to the challenges and thrills it provides, there is a perfect Sam Yang pellet rifle or rifles for you. Recoil and vibration free. 5 Items . Firing slugs out of the .50 caliber smoothbore barrel was much more accurate than I dared expect. Free shipping. Sale!.50 Seneca Wing Shot II Smooth Bore Air ShotGun.50 Caliber Air Rifles, Air Shot Guns, Animals 131 to 200lbs Hunting Air Rifles, Sam Yang Shot Gun, Single Shot PCP Air Rifles. Air Venturi Mini Wingman 100 cu in. Choose this cartridge for hunting small game on the run or in the air. The 25 yards three round group below came on high power from the same tank fill. Now you are good for large game hunting including predators, hogs or trophy whitetail. Now more speargun than air rifle, be careful not to "Robin Hood" or split bolts already on the target --they are that accurate! Try getting one before you disparage it. Air Venturi Medusa Air Gun Target Our price $49.99 Our Price: $ 49.99 Available . Buy and Sell on GunsAmerica! Kristen Coss with Air Venturi had an air compressor specifically made for air gunners named the Air Venturi 4500 psi Electric Air Compressor. While they were all accurate enough for hunting, I found the Air Venturi 210gr Flat Points gave me the best groups. Previous post: The Courteney Boot Company – Hunting Boots, So….At the range or hunting with my scuba tank and shotgun. Was: £687.99 Current Stock: 9. These sights are also surprisingly effective with slugs. We recommend that you read each air rifle description before buying to make sure you get the right rifle for the job. If you want to have instant air at your fingertips then the Nomad II is most definitely for you. We have the latest selection of air rifles at incredible low prices and now available for delivery to your door. As an added bonus, the Wing Shot can also fire air bolts from its smooth bore barrel making the Wing Shot. Filter. Rifle shooters will find that the bead and vent rib sights take some getting used to. The Hollowpoints shot similar groups while the round ball was about 4 inches. Stay Connected. But power is not what the Bronco is intended for! Add to Cart. Their big innovation is a plastic shotshell system that fires shot at 1130 feet per second up to 30 yards. Digital Temperature gauge (reads in Celsius). Help; Live Chat. MSRP is $849.00 but you can find it for less. Wing Shot’s removable choke above and Foster style quick connect below. For.50 caliber airgun ammunition options visit Air Venturi. The guiding philosophy of his life is that terrain and situation dictate tactics and the enemy always gets a vote on any plan. Add to Cart. Features typically reserved for higher priced guns are showcased such as adjustable regulator, side-lever action & 300 BAR tank. No reason it wont drop a deer. On Sale. Recoil and vibration free. I noticed that the pattern was affected by the pressure in the air tank. I have been wanting a serviceable air shotgun for the longest time... plus it appears to have some limited utility as a big ol' slug gun. You can purchase pre-loaded #6 or #8 shot or empty shells to fill with your own shot loads. Your basket is empty. Bolts:  With Air Venturi’s Air Bolts you can turn your air shotgun into a hard-hitting arrow launcher capable of speeds up to 500 fps and 238 FPE. If this offends you, please do not watch this video. Our range is from the leading manufacturers from around the world and all have our top quality guarantee. The Air Venturi Wing Shot PCP Shotgun delivers up to 360 foot-pounds of energy (fpe), and reveals a 12″ by 12″ spread at 20 yards – claims Air Venturi. Customer Service. Add to cart $ 832.95 $ 799.95. Cocking effort reduces over time and use. The stock features a straight shotgun style grip with an ambidextrous cheek riser. With .50 caliber bullets, the Wing Shot II rifle offers speeds of 760 fps and over 245-foot pounds of energy (FPE). The Wing Shot is well balanced with a solid hardwood stock that mounts like a high dollar shotgun. In airgun hunting, faster velocities don’t always translate into more knock down power. Air Power for the Apocalypse: SIG Air's ASP 20 Break…, Air Venturi Licensed M1 Carbine BB Rifles Now Shipping, Benjamin Marauder Semi-Auto .22 Caliber Air Rifle -…, CZ 712 G2 Shotgun - Best Budget Semi-Auto Hunting…, SIG SAUER Makes Strategic Push Into Hunting, with…. The Air Venturi #6 Shotshell sends a 170 grain load of #6 shot 20 yards downrange with a consistent 12 inch spread. From PCP Air Rifles, to Spring Powered Air Rifles and everything in between - you're sure to find an unbeatable deal here. Let us show you the Air Venturi … This is an air gun built for aerial target shooting and hunting upland game birds. I don’t have to wear swim fins and that’s the only plus I can see with that shotgun…. It is a functional hunting trigger which breaks at about 5 lbs. Show. I was typically able to get three rounds at high power and five rounds at low power. This is an air gun built for aerial target shooting and hunting upland game birds. The Wing Shot is a single shot air gun with shells loaded individually through the loading port. The Wing Shot and other PCP guns use compressed air cylinders in the foregrip or stock to push pellets downrange with consistent accuracy. SKU: UPC: Shipping: Free Shipping. Their big innovation is a plastic shotshell system that fires shot at 1130 feet per second up to 30 yards. Nomad Air Venturi Air Compressor 4500 PSI/310 Bar. Uses 110V electrical outlet. You must UNSCREW THE CHOKE BEFORE USING LEAD SLUGS. We provide a home delivery service for Airguns and accessories to residents of Lincolnshire and beyond. We stock air rifles from all the leading manufacturers, including: Air Arms, BSA, Daystate, FX Air Guns, Gamo, Kral, Weihrauch and more. Review Subject Required. It is a little front heavy but it comes up on target quick and tracks very well. Name Email Required. BOLT-SLINGER: Arm your Wing Shot II with Air Venturi's Air Bolts to turn your air shotgun into a hard hitting arrow launcher! Viewer discretion is advised. (11) 11 product ratings - Gamo Swarm Whisper - Break Barrel .22 Cal 10-shot Air Gun Rifle - 1000 FPS. Single-Jet; Multi-Jet; Ultrasonic; Hand Sanitisers & Stations. When not in use, a protective cap snaps in place keeping dirt and debris out of the fill port. We have air rifles for sale that are ideal for a range of activities. A built-in pressure gauge located underneath the stock is marked to show effective operating pressures and overfill. Free shipping. V10 Competition Target Pistol is the ideal choice for your entry into 10-meter precision air pistol shooting. You can fill the cylinder from an air tank (SCUBA or carbon fiber), a high-pressure hand pump or a compressor. Of all types of airgun power plants, the pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) system is the most versatile. The Stormrider’s combination of repeating shots and great features make it a serious contender for one of the best entry-level PCPs. They come in fifty round boxes. How many Water Buffalo have you killed with it? While it may retain significant energy, I would recommend attempting to take the game out that far, even on high power. The big technical challenge in creating an effective air powered shotgun is how to make a shot casing which can maintain a tight pattern while delivering the right amount of shot at lethal velocities. Sort By. 0. We've more information about Detail, Specification, Customer Reviews and Comparison Price. View as Grid List. Solware Gun Shop Open for Business - Please Call to Check Availability ... Air Venturi Annie Oakley Lil Sure Shot 4.5mm BB Gun . Sign Up for Exciting Eblast™ Promotions Subscribe The Perfect Gift! Rating Required. About the author: 680. Hatsan Flash QE .25 Cal Pellet Bolt Action Air Rifle . The air cylinder on the Wing Shot fills to 2,900 psi (200 BAR) with a Foster style quick connect for easy fill-ups. Charging. $285.86 . Slugs: Hunting for larger game like javelina or coyote? per page. Known for their commitment to ease of operation and the power behind the shot, Air Venturi air rifles are built with the utmost of care in every regard. With a brass bead sight and a ventilated rib, it is very effective for wing shooting dove or quail-sized birds and small game. The Air Venturi Bronco air rifle is not really expensive at $129.95, but there are MANY more powerful break barrel air rifles at this price or less, and including a scope. This is where the .50 cal Wingshot shines. 01754-764901. Air Venturi is an innovative airgun manufacturer, importer, and a distributor for top airgun brands. You can kill a deer with a .22 short, but No true sportsman would even consider it except in true survival situations. Dimensions: 18"L x 17"W x 17"H. For PCP airguns, Airsoft and Paintball tan It’s the ideal tool for upland or small varmint hunting. The Air Venturi Wing Shot air shotgun features an innovative way to tackle this obstacle. This level of accuracy will let you take close-range shots on predators, varmints and game. Air Venturi Air Venturi tries to fill a void where other Manufacturers have failed, they design and manufacturer pellets, accessories and other miscellaneous items to assist airgunners in replacing parts for their guns, or modifying a gun to their liking. Air Venturi Shotgun And Double Barrel Exposed Hammer Shotguns For Sale is best in online store. As a smoothbore rifle it shoots at speeds of 760 fps and generates 235+ fpe. The Wing Shot makes a sound like a pneumatic hammer. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. A student of firearms and shooting, he is an FFL and a SOT. It required significant holdover. Shot: With the shotgun option you can get velocities of 1130 feet per second with 360-foot pounds of energy using No. The Wing Shot is a single shot with shells loaded individually. It … Weighing less than 7.5 pounds, the Wing Shot is perfect for new shooters. 8 shot. Only 3 left. EXCEPT for the comment on TROPHY WHITETAIL! Air Venturi .50 Air ShotGun. Umarex Ruger 10 22 Air Rifle FREE SHIPPING LOWER 48 States! Like most electric air compressors, it fills high pressure reservoirs and tanks by using electricity to run a pressurizing pump. At my online pellet guns stores I offer the full line of high powered big bore Sam Yang Company air rifles, at the best possible sales prices. The Air Venturi Wing Shot air shotgun accomplishes this with a thin plastic hull that breaks apart leaving the barrel to deliver the shot. Measured in Foot-Pounds of Energy muzzle energy is the kinetic energy of a slug or air bolt as it is shot from the muzzle of the gun. You must be aware of muzzle energy when choosing an air gun for hunting pests or varmints. $80.00. Air Venturi Empty Larger Shotshells .50 caliber Includes 50 empty shotshells Can hold up to 170 grain of #8 shot View Details. Mark Miller is a former Customs Agent and a Green Beret who served in Afghanistan and a number of other live fire locations. Brand new for 2020 the Air Venturi Avenger offers a great shooting PCP gun for an affordable price. I have a Sam Yang 909S 45cal made by the same people that make this. The feature-filled smooth bore Wing Shot II PCP has an ambidextrous stock, rubber butt pad, re-moveable choke, beaded front sight, vent rib barrel, and integrated air pressure gauge. Now: £604.99. It hits like a .410 loaded with 3/8 ounces of shot. If you have a particular item in mind and live approximately 60 miles from Skegness, please contact us in advance so we can ensure the item is in stock. I shot a few rounds on steel at 100 yards. A light alloy pellet traveling at high velocities won’t have the same energy as a heavier pellet traveling at lower velocities. I will call in short word as Air Venturi Shotgun And Double Barrel Exposed Hammer Shotguns For Sale For people who are trying to find Air Venturi Shotgun And Double Barrel Exposed Hammer Shotguns For Sale review. Air Venturi Nomad 2 Portable Compressor. You don’t need hearing protection, but your neighbors will know something is going on in your backyard. You Are Here: Main Section » BB Air Pistols/Rifles » Air Venturi. Palm Switch Safety Air Gun LZR600; Ultra Thrust Series; Venturi Series; Inforcer Series Safety Air Gun ; ReverseForce Air Gun; Palm Jet Safety Air Gun; Personnel Cleaning Stations; Fittings and Accessories; Pneumatic Vacuums; Water Jet Cleaning Guns; Heat Meters. Air Venturi projectiles From Left to Right; 185gr Hollow Points and 210 Flat Points and 177gr Round Ball. You can take off the removable choke and load up slugs. AirGun, The shells feature a thin plastic outer hull that upon leaving the barrel breaks apart delivering either #6 or #8 shot skywards. To honor the Duke’s legacy, Air Venturi presents the Officially Licensed John Wayne Lil’ Duke .177 Caliber Lever-Action BB Rifle. Air Venturi Airguns, Air Venturi Avenger. .177 .20 .22 .25 .30 Co2 Spring Pneumatic Pre Charged Air Rifle The pattern below was the third full power shot from a full tank. The Wing Shot has a single stage trigger with a soft take up and some over travel. Latest Air Venturi Products V10 Target Pistol V10 Competition Target Pistol is the ideal choice for your entry into 10-meter precision air pistol shooting. Features: - Adjustable auto-shut-off We stock rifles from the world’s leading Manufactures! It gives you up to five consistent shots per fill and comes with a one-year warranty. Air Rifles. Air Rifles - Air Guns.22 .20 .177 .25 .30 Air Rifle Pellet Guns Spring, Co2 & Pre Charged Pneumatic ! Air Venturi Lil Duke John Wayne BB Rifle . A great introduction to shooting sports, air rifles come in 2 basic types; spring powered and pneumatic. You simply slide the loading port cover back, insert the shell or slug, then slide the port cover forward to seal the chamber. Actually each magazine carried 22 shots and the rifle could fire two full magazines before depleting the power,or at least that’s what I read. The Air Venturi Wing Shot is the first production pre-charged pneumatic shotgun. £59.95 £49.96. Air Venturi Air Venturi Nomad 2 Portable Compressor. Specs aren't perfect and there are still some unknowns, but it's nice to have something new to talk about. The cocking mechanism of the Wing Shot is a straight pull bolt action that features a high and low power setting. Weight: 76 lbs (without water and oil). The Air Venturi Wing Shot is the first production pre-charged pneumatic shotgun. PCP tank High pressure air has never been so portable! Bear River Sportsman 900 Air Rifle Multi-Pump .177 BB/Pellet Gun with Scope . Desc. Buy Air Rifles and Accessories Online! The choke is removable. Add to Cart Shop All 10 in Air Venturi MidwayUSA Footer. I tried three different Air Venturi projectiles, 177gr Round Ball, 185gr Hollow Points, and 210 Flat Points. Choose from spring, PCP and Co2 Rifles. It will drop a Water Buffalo at 50 yds. Compare Compare 0. Hunt365top2 #hunt365. 12 sold. Comments Required. Over & Under Shotguns; Semi-Auto & Pump Action Shotguns; Rimfire Rifles; Centrefire Rifles; Rifle Stocks; Magazines & Conversion Kits; Moderators & Muzzle Breaks; Shotgun Chokes; Spare Parts; Airguns collapse. Patterning the Wing Shot, I got a spread of about 5 inches at 10 yards and about 12 inches at 25 yards. When looking for a manufacturer with years of due diligence under their belt, Air Venturi is well seasoned in the airgun industry. The Courteney Boot Company – Hunting Boots, Choke Measurement: 12.4m,  Thread: 16.6×18, Choke reduces the inner barrel diameter from .494″ to .486″, Brass bead sight and a ventilated rib for rapid target acquisition, Shoots .50-caliber lead bullets or .50-caliber shotshells. £64.94 £54.12. The lightweight, low noise level and the lack of recoil will let you shoot all day without a sore shoulder and you can hear your coach because you don’t need ear muffs. Air Venturi claim that this little compressor can fill a rifle from empty to 3000PSI in just nine minutes, and having used it a few times now, I would hazard a guess that it would be less than that. Air Venturi Air Rifles . Simple. The following video contains hunting and shooting that is educational in nature, but may be offensive to some people. The Wing Shot can fire up to five rounds at the low power setting before needing a refill. #interested #1 Deal Shop for cheap price Sabatti Shotguns Uk And Air Venturi Shotgun . The Air Venturi 4500 psi electric air compressor is all that PCP airgunners will need to become their own air fill source. Warning! In the afternoon with the low sun backlighting the range, I could see the slugs arching into the target. Air Venturi. All Local Sales are FREE! Related Tags: You'll notice an improved shot pattern in consistency and density. The pattern gets bigger at lower pressures in the gun dropped off. Overall, the price is a little high, but the Bronco is a fairly limited production air rifle and that is some justification. Buy Now. hunt365top2, Air Venturi Air Venturi Nomad 2 Portable Compressor (1 review) Write a Review Write a Review. Where does the pressurized air come from? You may have to use some Kentucky windage to get the hits you need with 200-grain slugs that gave us about a 3-inch group.