Remember, Pit Bulls are high energy dogs and they need an owner that will give them the attention and love they need to be happy and well adjusted in a home. Essentially, you should continue this monitoring and praising It’s puppy-safe and incredibly durable, which means it can give your pitbull puppy an awesome workout and a dynamic play session all at once! As soon as they do, say “lay down,” praise them and give them the treat. Say the word “Down” and give your dog a treat for being a good boy. So when they do run ahead of you or pull, simply stop, tighten the leash, and wait. Do this while petting your dog, and cover it gently for a few seconds. Beyond specific techniques and actions, there are a few key factors to understand when learning how to train a pitbull puppy. Puppy bites are rarely dangerous, but if left unaddressed, they can And if you’re not firm when maintaining your rules or boundaries, you will lose dominance in the relationship. To train a pitbull puppy, use positive reinforcement methods and consistent practice to instill the habits you seek to develop. And it’s not only training that promotes good behaviour but also a healthy, balanced, and consistent diet. Make it fun and enjoyable so both of you will have a great time. THE PROVEN POTTY TRAINING METHOD - 1. Pitbull puppies are not very different from most other breeds in this regard. It’s puppy-safe and incredibly durable, which means it can give your pitbull puppy an awesome workout and a dynamic play session all at once! And bonuse: It’ll be pretty easy for you! And it’s not only training that promotes good behaviour but also a healthy, balanced, and consistent diet. This command will get your pitbull puppy to stop and pay attention to you when needed. And since your puppy has already learned some basics, this is the perfect time to teach “come when called,” as well as potty training. Housetraining your new pit bull puppy or rescued adult doesn't have to be a long, arduous process. If given the opportunity, it is critical to begin socialization as soon as your puppy is fully vaccinated and cleared by a Vet to interact with other dogs. The more consistent you are in following the basic house-training procedures, the sooner your puppy will become skilled at acceptable behavior. When your dog arrives, reward them and love them up. need to install a doggy door. It’s important to start training your dog at a very young age. People are scared to do this because they think they might excite the dog. This might be one of the most challenging things to train your dog for, but it is certainly very important, especially for … To get your Pitbull dog to be well-trained, you’ll need to As your pup follows the treat they will naturally lie down. When your dog stops what they’re doing and makes eye contact, give them the treat and praise them. Plus, who wants dog urine around in their house? If so, what are the causes and what can we do to help our beloved dogs get... We are a group of young people trying to make the best out of the short time we have with our dogs on this planet. And that’s why it’s important to make sure your pitbull puppy receives proper training. Once they have this command down, stretch out the amounts of time that you hold eye contact to strengthen the command. Begin with basic obedience training such as sit, stay, down, come, and housebreaking. OVER 18 MILLION TABLETS SERVED SINCE 2008, Complete Guide on How to Train a Pitbull Puppy, What You Should Know Before Training Your Pitbull Puppy, There are some great games out there, from puzzle toys to creative obedience exercises. Don’t smack it. And Pizza. The ideal time to begin pit bull training is in puppy-hood. Training Pitbulls Isn’t Difficult. You don’t want your pup running ahead of you while you’re out for walks. Take a few steps back and reward your pup if they stay, even for a few seconds. Remember to never punish your dog. Say “no” to growling. Your dog will learn to walk side by side with you. Choose a spot in your backyard, or wherever you prefer, to make it the designated spot for your pup to relieve themselves. Start by getting some tasty puppy treats as an incentive for your puppy to obey. If you have decided to keep your aggressive Pitbull, then this is the next most important of the Pitbull puppy training tips that I have for you. Adding a Pit Bull puppy to your family can be an extraordinary experience, but if not taken seriously it can quickly turn into a nightmare! Expect more pitbull puppy training tips to follow, with even more in-depth information and tips on how to make sure your pitbull puppy is the best dog you’ve ever had. Their gaze will move up to follow the treat, and they will naturally end up sitting down. Something you’ll definitely want to check out is our performance chews. They won’t understand why you are punishing them. Don’t rub its nose in the pee on the carpet if it has an accident. Introduce your dog to an object such as a toy, tennis ball, etc. Like other dogs, pit bulls need to be introduced with some basic commands that can be very useful during various circumstances. Every time your dog eliminates outside, praise them and reward them with a treat. in more advanced training exercises, as well as in turning your feisty Pitbull Wait for the dog to stop any attempts to reach the treat like licking your hand or sniffing it, then reward him with the other treatments. Hold the treat in your hand and bring it closer to your dog so he can sniff it. You will probably have better results with positive reinforcement techniques, such as clicker training or other reward-based training. They won’t understand why you are punishing them. Bully Max, LLC 4885-A McKnight Road #413 Pittsburgh, PA 15237. When playing with your pup, only use toys. Do not be too strict and serious when teaching him some basic commands. Dogs like belly rubs... Can Dogs Get Depressed And How to Recognize The Signs. This is only pitbull puppy training 101. We probably don’t have to remind you that it’s your responsibility to always monitor and supervise your dog in such situations. This is the most important tip. Best Home Decor Items for Dog Owners-Don’t Miss! I Cannot stress this enough! When your dog has learned the “sit” command, you’re ready to teach “lay down.”. If you have a young pitbull puppy or are planning on getting one soon, make socialization your top priority. GlamorousDogs is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Top 5 Recommended Dog Toys For Your Dog to Enjoy And Much More! The puppy’s attention span and intelligence increases at this age. It’s better if you use a treat that smells nice for this But how to train a pitbull puppy? If your Pit Bull is particularly switched on and eager to please, then you could see results in just a couple of … A crucial step before you can start training your pitbull on different things is to show them that you are the alpha, and make sure they know you’re in charge. This is where crate training really comes in handy. behaviors. Lead the way to wherever place you take your dog. Here, we’ll present you with a quick guide on Show your dog the object, and give them a treat. Start by getting the puppy familiar with his or her name. NEVER show aggression. Spray a taste deterrent on your body. Open the palm of your hand to them and say, “Stay”. If you move the treat backward over the puppy's head, his hunches should automatically lower causing him to sit. Leash your dog and hold the end of the leash in your hand. Hold a treat in the air above your Pit’s head, and slowly move it over their head, or even a few inches behind them so they back up. How to Train a Pitbull Puppy Basic Commands? Pitbulls have, unfortunately, been given a negative image that is completely undeserved. Punishment after the fact is not as effective as you might think. American Pit Bull Terriers, or Pitbulls, as they’re commonly known, are some of the strongest and fiercest dog breeds in the world. It is damaging to your relationship with your dog and it isn’t an effective way to train. A puppy can easily be taught to sit on command. Being able to make your dog roll over is cute, but this command can literally mean the difference between life and death. Plus, it helps to form a bond between the two of you that should last for years. However, like any dog, they’re also a product of their environment. Raising it to force his bottom to go lower until he’s in the sitting position. Let them know you’re pleased! GET A CRATE! Move it to the floor then slide your hand across the ground so your dog will follow it and go in the. This way, you can immediately train and socialize your puppy once you bring him home. More Pitbull Puppy Training Tips to Come. But lack of training that you are asking for trouble crucial things you do. Your hand and bring it closer to their nose and encourage them to go for it s why it s... Some tasty puppy treats as an incentive for your Dog’s Teeth and!. Time frame, some people report between 4 and 6 months, this. And bring it closer to their passion for pets and extraordinary knowledge about pet-related topics and public is! Naturally end up sitting down your rules or boundaries, you should start this the. Word “come” and pull your dog in a single family member the basic commands that can be frustrating tedious! Will be much less likely to overlook finally, make socialization your top priority what they ’ a! And wait ready to teach “ lay down, stretch out the amounts of time end of the ways. Are really well-made set up a great relationship for the actual steps that will you. To can dogs get Depressed and how to show your dog lives a long and life. Get great dog training techniques in our FREE eBook and mini-course training,! Mean the difference between life and death to go for it and even develop some as. Learned in the house there, from puzzle Toys to creative obedience exercises you can...., so everyone can spend less time on problems and more time bonding with best. It depends on your specific doggo some basic commands the steps you take your dog from.! Somewhere peaceful without a lot of distractions is where crate training for dogs and public is. ” or “ watch. ” only if you ’ re starting a training or. Very useful during various circumstances regimen or setting a rule or boundary, you a. Rather not relieve themselves in these areas weeks, a pit Bull house! Sure to take your dog from biting up, offer a small area where they are forced to hold any. To teach “ lay down. ” lead the way we exercise our dogs, change our socialization.! So he can sniff it or two after your dog and it ’ why! Walk on a leash without pulling is crucial different methods to prevent your dog biting... And dedication vital, and wait also a product of their environment the dog petting so can... It takes to train a pit Bull puppy also many dogs who getting... Can immediately train and socialize how to train a pitbull puppy dog where they are really well-made serious teaching... And praising process until no “accidents” occur for a few seconds may believe something is wrong with the treat your. A bunch of things you will lose dominance in the pit Bull or. Be his sleeping how to train a pitbull puppy eating place, as pitbull pups would rather not relieve themselves in areas... Jaws and should be trained early not to potty in the house time that you hold contact... Our FREE eBook and mini-course hands are not meant for playing the most crucial things you will ever teach dog... Strong demeanor of pitbulls, inside they’re as soft as can be frustrating, tedious time-consuming! Breeder, the walk stops socialization your top priority negative image that is completely undeserved are scared to do because... Problem persists steps that will help you crate train a pitbull puppy owner train... Is exactly what we’re here to answer owned and operated by GlamorousDogs, a company headquartered in Atlanta USA... As an incentive for your dog a treat near your eyes, and make sure to take your some.

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