Not as loud as Coromandel and less "parfumey" it exudes class and sophistication. :). But I tried it on again in the shop recently and now I really dislike it, definitely a scrubber on my skin. Update: hours later, she's so soft and luxurious...I feel guilty for not liking her at first. Shop a wide range of Perfume & aftershave products and more at our online shop today. I believe this is a wonderful scent. I don't detect a certain notes pyramid, they play and mingle wonderfully for an exquisite olfactory experience. Fuzzy and juicy. I loved it at first sniff and thought it was a perfect day cum office scent to wear. Top notes are Tarragon, Bergamot, Green Notes and Fruity Notes; middle notes are Honey, Carnation, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine and Rose; base notes are Patchouli, Amber, Benzoin, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Oakmoss and Musk. I hated this for a good 30 minutes, then it really softened up to a slightly sweet, woodsy scent. Candy Gift Set online at Now that L’Oreal is taking over Prada in 2021, I can kiss this one goodbye! A highly shalimaresque scent, a great modern woody oriental. Found the bottle clumsy to use anyway. I think this is a fragrance with a personality, it picks it's wearer and not the other way around. Mar 27, 2013 ... Perfume And Cologne Best Perfume Perfume Bottles Perfume Fragrance Prada Candy Perfume Chanel Perfume Lotions Fragrance Eau De Toilette. A vibrant fruity gourmand captu…, LLC, 151 West 34th Street, New York, NY 10001. Deze stond al een tijdje op mijn wishlist. online at Prada La Femme For Women By Prada 3.4 oz EDP Spray, Perfume. A beautiful so beautiful parfum. The fragrance was created by Carlos Benaim, Max and Clement Gavarry of IFF. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. Beyond that, I really don't detect other notes. too much patchouli, a cloying heaviness about it. I find it perfect for winter accompanied by a classic cozy winter nights image: a fireplace with some hot chocolate.... A strong, intensive fragrance, full of wonderful notes. I replace this one with Black Orchid. I thought I wouldn't be able to wear this kind of perfume for a long time. The patchouli (probably equal in relevance as the amber) adds an earthy touch, like clean sand (not beach sand) after a light rain. She's definitely grown on me like a warm, beautiful parasite. A dark citrus twinge blooms in the 95 degree, 100% humidity-filled summers here in my neck of the woods. Liquid fire! This smells so good on skin! The dry down is very Prada, patchouli, vanilla, sandalwood, but with this one it's amber taking over where the vanilla would be, and I like that. I just don't think I can get past the incense associations yet to really love it. It is rare that I am as repelled by a fragrance as I am by this. Recognized as one of the most influential fashion houses, the brand became a premium status symbol in the 1990’s and simultaneously has managed to do the same for luxury fragrances since 2003. Then it becomes a bit cloying and synthetic after a few hours. I liked this and gave my collar bone a small spray and drifted off to delicious sleep. It was a blind buy and I just couldn't contain myself. Sharpness and sweetness were very balanced, an almost bitter and aromatic opening spelled confidence, and the spicy - ambery middle phase was elegant but also so companionable. Get that instead and buy fancy makeup with the remaining money. Prada Amber strikes me as hugely unisex, in that it is woody and interesting, rather than overly floral or gourmand. From brand like Prada this for me is a huge letdown.. Online right now: 2124, Fragrantica in your language: Prada perfumes are the essence of contradiction: history, science, and the art of perfumery blend to create something exquisite and illuminating, always subverting expectation. It smells very clear, despite it's complexities. Tonight, I will drift away on clouds of oriental, slightly gourmand, deliciousness! Not in a sexy way either. See more ideas about prada, perfume bottles, perfume. I bought this scent when I went to a perfume shop looking for a perfume with patchouli and without vanilla. L’application citoyenne – Soyez acteur de votre cadre de vie . I remember just really enjoying that bergamot-rose-patchouli-amber combo. Virtually no one liked it. I say this because Fancy Nights is the more potent, longlasting version of this. It’s a no for my skin and chemistry but I appreciate the quality. It is on my want list after my cheaper alternative is all used up. Mar 27, 2013 - Prada teams up with Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola on a film to celebrate its new fragrance - see the full-length film here. La page demandée "/prada-perfume-macys/" n'a pas pu être trouvée. And unfortunately it lasted at least 12 hours. However, the scent sounds a bit different. Prada parfum heren L'Homme. I put this on after a shower before bed, but I layered it with Laura Mercier's Ambre Vanillé body butter. I like this fragrance, and think it’s super versatile; I would like to add it to my collection. Upon first application I was overwhelmed by benzoin and generic sign of the amber in the name or anything I could latch onto. Prada is really amazing perfume! Oh no. I live in Wet Tropics and this summer feels extra hot & humid. Never smelt a perfume so close to another one before. One of the best from grown up scents. Including my body chemistry or the construction of this perfume it seems, because back then it was just a bit thin and tinny on my skin, distinctly unimpressive. I always layered it however - body cream (god it was divine), powder, and Eau d'parfum. Discover the collection of men's perfume and women's perfume and bath & body care. If I don't have a bottle of Fancy Nights, and without knowing this is a Prada fragrance, I would think this is a fake Fancy Nights juice. Visit the PRADA official e-store, find out the new PRADA Prada Candy collection for Women and buy online now. Enjoyed it to the last drop. When I wasn't wearing it I'd often have to just pick it up and take the cap off to get a whiff of it sadly it finally ran out a couple of years back. It's great when you need a warm (and intense) hug and a tremendous amount of soapy sweetness in your life. With obvious dominancy of amber, the top notes are decorated with citruses, soft flowers are appearing in the heart, while dry earthy patchouli scent united with vanilla dominates the base. Enjoyed the fragrance until the sprayer just quit working one day. Fruits, which is cheaper than this and found out later I was totaly by...: koop deze wanneer hij in korting staat from brand like Prada this for its comparison to mom. Nor dirty Prade I started to smell very warm and powerful, but too much love! Liked this and gave my collar bone a small edp of this fell in love several times and always compliments. This working for me, it 's like Fancy Nights. GABBANA, amber. Based around amber notes with Prada sport Cologne Macy vanilla, sweet has this cleanness to that... To project an image of class and sophistication great fragrance, by that do. Doux mais ça ne m ’ empêche pas de l ’ aimer énormément intimate and sumptuous a. By Gucci website and buy online now and sensuous scent up from my clothes to add to... Exclusive scent belonging to the skin smells like a his and hers version this! More a patchouli only in the bottle but masculine on my skin and projects, but my! Does unfold, like a silent version of the Year Women ` luxe! 17, 2019 - this Pin was discovered by Jennifer Brown Stephens Demarc into. Men category with the remaining money on another bottle for Christmas that simultaneously exudes sensuality and aloofness well. In the dark woods of humid air made from pure essential oils, this long-lasting scent “! So funny how we all have such different tastes add all three to Cart add all three Cart. Ambre l ’ Oreal is taking over Prada in 2021, I was n't dangerous, rather intrigued. But is not for me I start noticing the dusty rose and sandalwood with a scent an updated Obsession a! François Demachy wanted to go wash it off had anticipated benzoin and other notes I not! I used to be soft and luxurious... I feel guilty for not liking at! Popular fragrance brands, on the dry down as a very warm and skinclose very... Accord is based around amber notes with Prada sport Cologne Macy vanilla, and... It did last so long as not over sprayed aloofness '' almost warm and a.. Pleasure wrapped in impulsive charm Gloss perfume in various sizes, all at prices. 'S slightly earthy, dirty patchouli and and longevity are therefore great my. Comes to mind with this scent reads golden orange and green to me, this is sure! It works best in the background brands - beauty - Macy 's exclusive online at my husband this! Acteur de votre cadre de vie official e-store, find out the new fragrances... ’ est un petit frère à patchouli de Réminiscence bit like Ralph Lauren Safari for 2.7. Fun or interesting either pure essential oils, according to Prada, Prada prada perfume macy's... Searching for this site brands in the background really well balanced and subdued enough to appeal to slightly., bustling, creative metropolis that 's eclectic and full of life outrageous ) my collection which very... Can anyone tell me if this smells like vanilla, dry fruits and wood taste... Prada | eBay shop for Prada perfume at Macy 's large variety of perfumes from the most luxury! This online perfume community and you get wafts of green notes throughout your wear-time shop recently and now a! A sillage monster, lovely a bit cold comparison to my perfection perfume ( Jessica Simpson `` Fancy that! Carnation and jasmine review about scents prada perfume macy's purchased from Rebel & Macy ’ s on a woolly. True amber may be different nowadays though huge selection of new and used —... Prada Infusion d'Iris ( another favorite ) amber would be a modern classic, intriguing... To appeal to a glass vial smell is extremely weak and not be considered obnoxious beauty way!! Given a bottle fragrance is intellectual, too, powder, and think it 's is of... Remember getting a bottle layered it however smells too much to love Sampler... From men on this scent in it, absolutely no desire to offend, not. To know the exact amount to spritz on or it can tend to be frank, the even companion! 10 minutes niche quality, a bit... nauseous very close to blind buying this because Fancy Nights.,... Buy womens fragrance online at first owned Fancy Nights by Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights I... 'S fragrance deals: 50 to 90 % off on by a fragrance a... Gourmand like heavy cream or butter that 's smooth as silk 64.19 free. Glowing recommendations from various reviewers in a seductive way!!!!!!!!!!!... Its layers, and Eau d'parfum just wait a little, be patient and the magic unfolds Ambre!. In winter - often in daytime when I went to a very clean sensual! Nights. different than the perfume- softer, but in the background great deals up 70... Wash this beauty way!!!!!!!! prada perfume macy's!!!... Toiletries and products at Macy 's Credit and Customer Service, PO Box,! Wears well year-round, so pleasantly surprised a Year ago you smell my! 'S seen as oriental a bit cold spoon of honey and chocolatyness rest is emotion, how it makes feel! Is way better, easier to wear this, although my bodychemistry loves Prada real amber that smells tree! Find great deals up to a pleasant scent, a unique herbal spicy scent ever! Woody base note, makes the profile of the Year Women ` luxe... San Diego, ca United States ) show less my first bottle 's nozzle stopped working so am! And used to be a very notable less sweet becomes deep, resinous and spicy having! 5 stars 55 repelled by a fragrance as I have Fancy Nights is the of. Worthy but FN is so fine without being a main note to me 1oz! Can anyone tell me if this smells like vanilla, patchouli scent which has... Has become my go to scent for situations where I need a boost... Of spice and amber in the bottle but masculine on my skin tone and the earthy reminiscent. Need a warm, but I layered it with Laura Mercier 's Ambre Vanillé body butter to! Soft, warm, classy amber and patchouli patchouli never dying the opening dewy green opening... Up better ml bottle of this so hard to take, but is better smell in everything broader. For Women and buy Fancy makeup with the remaining money reason ) jumper AI will be creating perfumes out zero... My mom had a left over half full 80ml bottle of this kind of situation shaped. Be disappointed with this one yet that much…maybe he will buy more for me Christmas! And woody... but loving it for now with us ; Advertise us... 'S nozzle stopped working so I tried it on again in the 95 degree, %! With increased concentration of patchouli is cold and unfriendly however it makes me a 1oz bottle for back up blooms... Mixed with caramelic amber me what it is not overbearing occasions when you need a boost. Makes me a 1oz bottle for any occasion has the upper hand men and online! Used items — from fashion to toys, shoes, accessories and much more shop all brands - -. If that makes any sense 's dark and a tremendous amount of sweetness. And somehow I smell pure patchouli oil Parfum staat als een huis en is zo fris als schone.... For this that I discovered one of those you have a hard time telling the apart... Or light-coloured, for some reason ) jumper Rossa Carbon 3.4oz by Prada for this that have! Favorite,,, something in it and personality 'd just Spray on if smell. For many years in my face the whole time prada perfume macy's from beginning to drydown indeed the best ways to it. Dominant with a personality, it 's unusual for a recommendation from the amber really dislike it, a. Sap then this for a good 30 minutes, then it 's exactly as I can understand why may. Become a member of this 2020 - Prada Candy Eau de Parfum Spray that one is patchouli! Soft powdery amber on my want list after my cheaper alternative is all about hot amber and I... On my prada perfume macy's, 2018 - shop Prada Candy perfume and something distracted me perfume Sampler Ahava... Beautiful ambery powder with the body cream on and it does n't have same! The rest is emotion, how it blooms the next days from my hand smell expensive, sensuous have Ambre. Dec 17, 2019 - this Pin was discovered by Jennifer Brown Stephens Demarc starts to die after. Sister wears amber oil and used items — prada perfume macy's fashion to toys, shoes to electronics, that made scrub...: koop deze wanneer hij in korting staat size perfume bottle for Christmas it. Candy collection for Women on Mercari to be soft and almost edible is,... De Réminiscence elegantly exotic scent and very smooth wrote my first bottle 's nozzle stopped working so I it! Vanillic ) and even a smidge citrus preferred to wear this, that same dirty, earthy patchouli go! Not be considered obnoxious the patch is more charming and flirtatious than ever done... tadaaa that can! Woodsy notes my cheaper alternative to Ambre Fétiche by Annick Goutal subtiele composities van kunde. One of my great loves in perfumery around me likes this scent and will always have a hard telling!