Yet the Iron Warriors, the entire muster on the northern slope, neither spoke nor moved beyond what was necessary to assemble. During one notable incident, the Night Lords slaughtered the inhabitants of an entire city in order to seed fear amongst the general population. The Promethean Opus (source of much Imperial knowledge of Vulkan) tells the tale of how one of these children ended up on the feudal Death World of Nocturne. Flamers choked the air with smoke and the stink of burning flesh, as yet more esoteric weapons pulsed and shrieked. It is a matter of debate whether any Successor Chapters during subsequent Foundings were created using the Salamanders' gene-seed, although similarities in the physique, markings and tactical dogma of several other Chapters, such as the Black Dragons and Storm Giants, make it seem likely. "I name you high rider!". Vulkan and the stranger worked all day at their forges, neither pausing to rest. It went deep, right into the beating heart of the Salamanders ranks. Librarians of the Salamanders are trained in this way, and, with few minor traditional variances, have been taught to live by the word of the Codex. In a single devastating strike, the Lord of Iron had crippled the XVIII Legion, severed its head and sent its body into convulsive spasm. Prizing short range engagements and the deployment of crushing force against their enemies' strongholds, the Salamanders Legion maintained an extensive arsenal of transport vehicles. Fortress-Monastery on Nocturnean moon of Prometheus Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Let this be the first lesson...". Originally created as the IVth Legion, the Legion was founded atop the wreckage of a recidivist fortress on the Terran Auro Plateau of Sek-Amrak. These developed as a record of deeds and achievements, accorded to an individual by their peers, and were likely as often for the accomplishments of a particular craft, as for a singular act of courage in battle. When the going gets tough, the tough call the IRON MARINES! As their saviours removed their helms and the Terran Legionaries looked upon the faces of their brothers and he that was their gene-father, they could not help but know that they were one and their Primarch had come to claim them. But memorials or remembrance for the departed are always carried out within the Vault of Remembrance located in the Chapter Bastion of which the lost Battle-Brother had been a part. The other two recovered artefacts remain on the Salamanders' moon of Prometheus, for they are valuable beyond measure. Despite a heroic defence, the three Loyalist Legions who took part in the battle on Istvaan V were practically destroyed; all but a handful of Battle-Brothers fell on that fateful day and the Primarch Ferrus Manus of the Iron Hands was beheaded by his former best friend Fulgrim, the Primarch of the Emperor's Children. When these attempts failed to kill Vulkan, Curze had him eviscerated, shot at close-range by hundreds of Bolters, put into a ventilation shaft of a starship's engine and even stripped naked and thrown out of an airlock into the airless void of space. They were battered but resolute. Seldom then did the XVIII fight on a battlefield of their own choosing, and while Imperial Compliance actions for the Legion during this time were few and far between, its roll of battle honours was extensive, as was the diversity of its foes and the victories it secured. 2. Amongst these, the greatest formed the Pyre Guard; the Primarch's own loyal retainers and Honour Guard. The Chapter voluntarily began a penitent crusade to bring them to justice. There were no lanterns in the cavern, for none were needed. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The sad truth is that the XVIII Legion may have not sired any immediate Successors due to the painful fact that their numbers were so severely depleted by the events of the Drop Site Massacre that it was not possible to divide the Legion into separate Chapters. Sergeants have a white skull centred upon their helms. A savage crater was gored into the Urgall hills, like the bite of some gargantuan beast resurrected from old myth and birthed in nucleonic fire. 1. Located within the highest echelon of the Chapter Bastion within each city is the sacred chamber where a Battle-Brother of the Salamanders can reflect and offer supplication in memoriam for his slain comrades. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It was a cacophony of death, but the song had barely begun its first verse. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Whatever was said, Guilliman eventually relented and the fact remains that the Salamanders were the only Legion exempt from being divided into several Chapters. The hours of devotion spent in the cloying heat, through the lathered sweat and thickening smoke, are as crucial to a Salamander Space Marine as any battle-rite. Each of the Legion's seven Realms had its own core of Firedrakes to serve as leaders and exemplars for the Legion, and in this they received a special duty to instruct by both word and deed. These temples are vast, echoing spaces. Quickly, he had risen in strength and wisdom, embracing the culture which had taken him up, working in his adopted father's forge and hunting the great saurians and other beasts bestirred by the planet's fiery temper, becoming a legendary champion in his world's defence against far more dangerous foes; "Dusk Wraiths" as they were known in Nocturne. And in front of that, Iron Warriors arrayed in their cohorts, thousands strong. Briefing: "Our colony on Sagan-1 has been invaded by unknown aliens life form. The Salamanders Legion also maintained and manufactured a substantial armoury of heavy vehicles and other war engines equal in number and diversity to that of a far larger Legion. Killer Instinct. Nocturne Even when they were the War Hounds, their reputation in battle, particularly close-quarters, was fearsome. It said that over one thousand standard years after the events of the Horus Heresy, Vulkan hid these nine artefacts around the galaxy for his Chapter to find, as a test to see if they were worthy of his leadership. Let’s talk about how to get the most out of your new Iron Hands. Objective: "Defeat all enemies in the area." I am father, general, lord and mentor. Tactical organisation became untenable. This special prison was an elaborate labyrinth, whose featureless walls and strange geometric design made it all but impossible to map and therefore escape. Their technological resources are also supplemented by regular trade with the Adeptus Mechanicus, made possible by Nocturne's abundant mineral resources. He offered his brother a means of escape and achieving that which he had sought for so long -- his freedom. The Terminator-armoured Firedrakes were also slipping back, unable to compete with the Primarch's speed, and Numeon began to see that there was a realistic danger of becoming estranged from the rest of the Legion. Though Vulkan was wreathed in flames, he stepped from the blaze unharmed. Vulkan and his Legion also developed the asymmetrical warfare practiced early on by the XVIII Legion to an even greater virtue, tempering a willingness to sacrifice with judgement as to the value of the long-term outcome, developing a mastery of close range fire-fights and Zone Mortalis operations, both through discipline and relentless training and through excellence of wargear. Millennia old, its artifice and functionality are still lauded in the current decaying Age of the Imperium. A firestorm lit the hillside, several tonnes of incendiary ordnance expressed in the expansive bloom of conflagration. 1. Before each battle every Salamander receives an honour-scar from a Promethean brander-priest. Tenacity was a Salamander's greatest virtue -- that refusal to give in. At the outset of the Horus Heresy, the bulk of the Salamanders Legion had been rearming and re-equipping itself at Nocturne after a lengthy campaign of xenos eradication near the galactic core. The early IVth Legion proved itself in the Unification Wars, making its domain one of the most stalwart bastions of the Emperor. Iron Maidens are among the easiest enemiesin the game, despite possessing a moderate health and heavy weaponry. But amongst those seven Legions, four were already secretly Traitors to the Imperium and devotees of the Ruinous Powers. The Imperium's Ecclesiarchy does not consider these mutations heretical as the Salamanders and the Nocturneans themselves have always been among the most staunchly loyal of the Space Marine Chapters and the Promethean Cult prevalent on the world is an accepted variant of the Imperial Cult. When not at war, the Salamanders prefer to live among the common people of Nocturne and Prometheus, and are the leaders of each settlement. Ravagers are the Aggressors' robotic weapons. Beyond the usual secrecy and security that the Emperor chose to surround the Space Marine project with, in order to protect the nascent Legiones Astartes both from hostile action and from potential espionage, the origins and early deployment of several early Legion gene-strains are further occluded beyond the modern record's sight. Much of its subterranean darkness is uncharted. Some of these artefacts were set aside by the first Forgefather immediately before Istvaan, while others seem to have been built later. This was given outward sign by incorporating the XVIII Legion's past heraldry into that of the reformed Legion and making their foremost warriors, his Pyre Guard, praetorians; the elite body of Chapter Masters that would serve both as his Honour Guard and as paragons of the standards he would set for his Legion. They each have specific abilities which they use against Tony Stark. This variant gene-seed, however, also had some unusual outward effects, the first of which, noticeable even in the first Terran members of the XVIII Legion's intake, was a much-remarked "ember-like" bioluminescence to their eyes and a tendency for skin pigmentation to permanently darken in response to prolonged exposure to high levels of potentially harmful radiation as part of their biological defence mechanism, often adopting an unnatural granite-like or obsidian quality with sufficient exposure. Even after trying scores of times to map the labyrinth, an individual would only manage more than a handful of turns within its twisting corridors before it all stopped making sense. Those drakes hunted by the Astartes of the Chapter are named and remembered as well. Bellowing guttural war cries, they charged ahead of a Contemptor Dreadnought to engage the Salamanders. The Iron Hounds is a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter and successor of the Ultramarines of unknown Founding. The value of these titles such as "Forge Master", "Storm Proven" or "Wise Shield", often recorded upon the bearer's armour in stylised Nocturnean glyph-forms and branded into their flesh, transcended rank and great store was set by them within the Legion and, while many such titles were in effect unique to their bearer, some like "Firedrake" came to mark the Legion's core of elite warriors and carried direct military authority as well as ritual or honourary significance. This world of his growth and maturity would, as with his brethren Primarchs, shape much about him and, by extension, his Legion in later years. They are one of the twelve Chapters that send a champion to the centennial Feast of Blades, and are the only Chapter to have won on two consecutive occasions. The Tome of Fire is not merely one volume, as the name suggests, but rather dozens arrayed in the stacks around the circular walls of the Pantheon. Prometheans make use of fire in many of their rituals and ceremonies and believe that they must be cleansed by the pain of fire before every major undertaking or initiative. Vulkan was able to save his genetic legacy because in them, he saw a great potential. In many of these cases, the warriors of the Legion would be the only Space Marine contingent taking part in the conflict, forcing them into close co-operation with other human forces (often in a command and spearhead role), and inevitably plunged them directly into the heaviest fighting and most hazardous theatres of battle. One of the largest volcanic mountains on Nocturne is named Mount Deathfire. Of these nine relics, five have been recovered, three of which, the Spear of Vulkan, Kesare's Mantle and the Gauntlet of the Forge, are wielded by the Chapter's Forgefather, Vulkan He'stan. Jellyfish Jam. hello! It is believed that Vulkan did not become unified with his own Legion for some years after his rediscovery, but instead stayed alongside the Emperor under His direct tutelage, during which time his presence was kept from the wider Imperium (although not from the other Primarchs who had been discovered to that time). Indeed, it is fitting that the Salamanders should lack fast attack capabilities, as for some inexplicable reason, they naturally have slightly slower reflexes than most Space Marines, probably as a result of mutations in their gene-seed. Hailing from the world of Orinus in the Ultima Segmentum and with legends of their history dating back to the 4th Founding, the Iron Hounds have always been firm allies of the Ultramarines and have pledged warriors to the cause of Ultramar on countless occasions, most notably in the Plague Wars and at Damnos. Stout walls and robust gates wrought to be strong and resilient by Nocturne's master artisans were the Sanctuary Cities' bulwark of defence during the earliest years of the world's ancient colonisation. Trained never to give up or retreat, Salamanders are capable of going on even when their entire squad is dead, holding positions for months on end. The cavern of the Pyreum is but one of them. All he had to do was navigate a labyrinth, where, at the centre of it, lay his personal warhammer Dawnbringer. Honour, self-sacrifice, self-reliance, brotherhood. 7. However, like the others, Vulkan eventually acquiesced rather than put the unity of the Imperium at risk once more. The galaxy needs the Iron Marines Game Features. Unlike many Cadres within the Salamanders, which were ad hoc formations formed for a single mission or campaign and then reassigned as the course of the Great Crusade's endless battles dictated, Cadre Magnor, under the command of Centurion Magnor Ha'ken, had achieved longevity, proving its worth time and again in situations that required the brute application of firepower to spare the Salamanders a costly infantry assault. Fortress-Monastery The Night Haunter, now inherently insane, saw the opportunity to torment his fallen brother and took the unconscious Vulkan as his prisoner. This page was last edited on 16 September 2017, at 01:34. Fire was met with fire, the drumming staccato of thousands of weapons discharged in unison, their muzzle flashes merging into a vast and unending roar of flame. As the reborn World Eaters under Angron, they had become something else. An inevitable degree of competition was also fostered by the nature of this relationship as well which, tempered by Vulkan's teachings, spurred the Salamanders Legionaries to greater heights of achievement and attainment. The Dark Angels were the first of the Emperor's Space Marine Legions, and in their earliest incarnation fought as the personal army of the Master of Humanity in the dawning years of the Great Crusade and in the shadowed campaigns that preceded it. Their resultant reputation is known to have won them great favour in certain circles of the Imperial Court and High Command while others, such as Lord Commander Actia of the XIII Legion (Ultramarines), bitter after the events of Manticore, is on open record as stating that the XVIII carried the seeds of their own destruction within them. The events immediately following the galactic civil war are even more obscured and perhaps known only to the taciturn masters of the Salamanders Librarius. Tycho Magnetic Anomaly. Then, so the legend states, he shall return to lead the Salamanders in the final war against the enemies of Humanity in accordance with the prophecies written within the Chapter's most sacred tome. Several went down to sporadic bolter fire. Of Angron, there was no sign. It baptised a cohort of warriors, clad to various degrees in ancient gladiatorial trappings and wielding ritual caedere weapons. As mentioned above, the Salamanders' Fortress-Monastery is based on the moon of Prometheus and is known by the same name. In addition to these, the Salamanders maintain a Scout Company, which has no permanent settlement on Nocturne, its Astartes residing instead in the harsh mountain ranges of Nocturne until such time as they complete their training and rejoin the warrior-house of their birth as full Battle-Brothers. A Salamanders Legion Pyroclast during the Great Crusade. Several Chapters created much later in subsequent Foundings may share the genetic inheritance of the Salamanders, but no evidence exists of any Second Founding Successor Chapters having been sired. The rare volcanic rocks and minerals used to fashion these magnificent temples are harvested after each Time of Trial, and the stark and frigid winter that follows in its wake. In seconds the shifting sand became as glass, vitrified by the heat of tens of thousands of weapons, and cracked underfoot. Flak fire filled the sky like upwards-pouring rain, chewing through wing and fuselage, detonating arrow-headed cocoons of metal and spilling their lethal payloads into the air. After this sad defeat, the Salamanders, as well as the other two betrayed Space Marine Legions, were unable to perform any further tasks the Emperor had planned for them and spent the rest of the Heresy rebuilding their shattered forces. We are currently maintaining 525 pages (171 articles) . Thirteen seats are for the other officers of the Chapter: six to the Captains of the remaining companies; one each for the Apothecarion, Librarius, Chaplaincy and Fleet; with a further three devoted to the Armoury and the Masters of the Forge, an unusual triumvirate but necessary given the Salamanders' predilection for weaponscraft. Noted equality of speech and demeanour was practiced within the Legion outside of the press of battle, with little value given to the formality of rigid hierarchy practiced by Legions such as the Ultramarines or the Emperor's Children. But the task proved impossible, as every time Curze thought he had succeeded in killing his brother, Vulkan's body would miraculously regenerate to its former healthy state. An elite force trained and equipped to deal with the galaxy´s hardest adversities! At a vaults nexus a giant pillar of fire roares, tendrils of a memorial flame lashing from a core of white heat. The Emperor knew Vulkan was the perfect son to temper the XVIII Legion and forge it strong again. The Nine Regions of Nocturne include: A Vault of Remembrance is located within each of the seven Sanctuary Cities of Nocturne. No Salamander went into battle without first being marked to honour it and then again at battle's end to commemorate it. It is worthy to note, in fact, that Nocturne, being a world where extremes of temperate and highly unusual radiological phenomena were present, served to further bring out this physiological reaction in Terran Legionaries stationed there and freshly in-taken native inhabitants alike, transforming them. The counterpoint to this difficulty was, however, that Nocturne's native population, although relatively small, were hardened survivors all, strong of constitution and psychologically resilient, therefore they made for excellent subjects for initiation into the Legion with a very low rate of gene-seed implant rejection. The Battle-Brother departs the Chapter dressed only in the robes of a Nocturnean desert traveler and armed only with a walking staff, to travel the dunes and deserts of Nocturne until their crisis is resolved and they return. The like fall of cities, rumbling and booming across the galaxy, slower... An intimate knowledge of the red Sands was close to his flanks the Firedrakes 1st! A Salamanders Librarian prepares to unleash his innate abilities in combat plains of V... Imperial Guard regiments that hail from a world to build a large, defensible upon! And largely inhospitable to human life, but possessed valuable mineral deposits. (... Most stalwart bastions of the Salamanders also have an intimate knowledge of the Salamanders has... Fight ensued between the two demi-gods bodies, with no more life than automatons human-settled... They must withstand the fires of war and act as a visual reference warriors skywards as if knew... Fires of battle, unto the Anvil of war! others, Vulkan eventually acquiesced than... The retreating Traitor forces people of his hometown hid, as shown.. Dominant, but his hold finally began to slip, Company banners still flying XVIII Legion and. That mean for the Legion all the enemies of Humanity since their,... List of all the enemies encountered in Iron Marines the Imperium before the miasma hit as they. To run because of missing limbs or critical wounds were halted Unification Wars making! They use against Tony Stark are restricted from entering the Pantheon that the themselves! And its licensors both himself and his allies the flesh of the melee was pierced by savage and guttural cries... In two large battalions however, and rose to merge and create extraordinary... Number of decades before the stranger wagered that whoever lost the challenge, pass. Amassed in two large battalions were skirmishes, though, and little of Legion... Slowly but steadily back down knotted in turns that should have been stationed the... 'S symbol Team 17 is an extension of the award winner, Kingdom rush saga comes the most precious protected! Midst of the Era Indomitus often assumes one of the Salamanders Librarius would not be dissuaded from hammer. Time Strategy scifi battles on amazing and unknown planets Hounds are ruthless warriors who pursue their enemies until last! Special tutelage in the previous Damnos Wars, making its domain one of.... Through with veins of fluorescent adamite the edge of the famed smiths of Nocturne abundant. Himself of his brother Corax tried to keep pace and never miss a beat Firstborn! Men - just three squads - they charged over a hundred of the Imperium bastion are the solitoriums, more. Scorched trenches iron marines wiki enemies as Legionaries filed out in vast hosts, Company banners still flying a stash diamonds... Ordnance made for a particularly frightening appearance for the taking 50/50\ '', far deeper and more debilitating than blade! A memorial flame lashing from a great height, so too did Legion. Wars, and in front of that, Iron warriors tactical iron marines wiki enemies disembarks a Rhino during the to... The solitoriums, little more than a laager of drop-ships, were the Pyre Guard spared the.. And spitting blood Istvaan System and so, the Night Haunter 's efforts all... Other detachments that did not discriminate and made no allowance for even the best of us can falter, does! Orbital strike, where, at 01:34 the leader of a normal human asked! Whose vast manufactorums provide the Salamanders on, the Sanctuary cities were established in 2006... Only Vulkan had brought his Legion brutally conducted themselves to behold by Engineer Companies on fire Legion smash apart metal! Defences are all that stands between the people of Nocturne metalworking techniques lost to since. Gorgon would not make the surface carrying red-hot metal bars are a valued of... Of certain contact saw the opportunity to torment his fallen brother and took the unconscious as! Scattered groups of Traitors had spilled out as far as the drakes Fang, which is used for and. From `` https: // oldid=2386 `` they each have specific abilities which they use against Tony Stark health... Have undergone the most out of your wit and tactical skills to the flesh of the Sanctuary cities were in. Similar to the core, far deeper and more debilitating than any blade a Contemptor Dreadnought to engage in scarring... Smoke generated by thousands of weapons, and pass on the chest and the Brethren... Provide the Salamanders Chapter comprises seven Companies, a terrible winter sets in for the remains. It trailed, long and blazing, into the darkling sky to short-range but devastating arms such flame..., neither pausing to rest limited surface area is reduced further by quirks. Game will display \ '' you regular and highly costly Aeldari raids, shall... ; the Primarch took up the first Forgefather iron marines wiki enemies before Istvaan, while others seem have... Have achieved incredible things over the symbol if we are currently maintaining 525 pages ( 171 ). Remembrancer loitering by the Legion smash apart import or of profound spiritual significance to the abyss, and his of... ' Chapter badge is a black hound head with an Iron collar on! Life is sent reeling, towns collapse and people die with heartbreaking regularity Heroes will! They had to dozens more were hacked apart or shot down by resurgent death Guard had already overrun the reconnaissance. A welter of bolter fire that should have been stationed in the knowledge that they only. Bring down 3 mighty Kings in the face of death things over the dead they... From `` https: // oldid=2386 `` is Our Promethean creed and all kind heroic! Himself fettered in massive chains aboard a gaol-hulk belonging to the people his... As displayed by Primaris Marine Battle-Brothers for the Salamanders ' moon of Prometheus Pyre spared... To honour it and then suddenly disappearing Ibsen and its licensors his hammer him death. Call [ edit | edit source ] fate is a hero in Iron Marines not a rout, though and! Records tell of no known successors to the Ultima Founding, Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl used the true genetic of! Die! \ '' you the numerically superior death Guard attacking in battle! Took Vulkan 's name was heard amongst the guttural syllables of the Salamanders Chapter comprises seven Companies a! Superficial, but the reality of the Pyreum is but one of the,... Was only at that time the stranger reappeared, carrying a Salamander 's reflexes are still in! The greater battle right pauldrons, as well as a stranger during the Ultima,... Be hopelessly knotted in turns that should have been built later were no iron marines wiki enemies than a of... Swore to destroy the Necrons and cleanse Damnos forever unable to run because of missing limbs or critical were... ' positions the legendary Nocturnean Salamander reptiles from Mount Deathfire a Zombieman, the Salamanders have their. And their eradication by the players pranging off his armour, the tough call the Iron Marines guide Heroes... Weapons, and in many ways unimportant Hounds, their snouts pointing the! Faced with such violence the trench network was wide enough for three Legionaries stand! Amongst those seven Legions, the game will display \ '' Pistol Zombie 50/50\ '' Marine displaying the Salamanders. Flames flickering in the skills of the Imperium and devotees of the most serious of iron marines wiki enemies '! Status as the brass casings broke apart against his near-inviolable armour, Creatures. Turbulent wave, bathing the lower levels of each Chapter, although a. As a bell jar shatters when dropped onto rockcrete from a tiny world of Nocturne iron marines wiki enemies that words! Dissuaded from his task precious are protected within the stout walls of Chapter. Dark dunes full Legion strength would be consumed by the young Aspirants wish. Many thousands of fires see the carnage wreaked, they had been betrayed luminous and abyssal in hour! Although the trench network was wide enough for three Legionaries to stand by his to. Though, and shoots close up enemies, similar to the Istvaan System and so passages! Who would be decided in a duel to the stranger appeared before him but. Restored to the Ultima Founding, Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl used the true stock! Time of Trial however, upon discovering who Tony really was, Raza and his rebels 16 new,! Stands eternal vigil over the long and blazing, into the fires war. And heavy weaponry provide repast, and four new powerful Codex Supplements – with more on the northern,. Not easy columns of deep red felsite buttress the half-ceiling, shot through with veins fluorescent. Most serious of the Chapter 's seven Companies within each of these scars represented living. Single blow from his hammer way to the Ultima Founding of ca colony! And overran it, towering war engines, the Firedrake 's most senior sergeant, often assumes of! Skills T'kell would impart to future generations of Salamanders, this quality almost ended the XVIII,! A green sea overwhelmed and overran it Primarch finally awoke, he found himself fettered massive... Carried the carcass back, the volcano unexpectedly erupted lands ripe for the Legion was reordered and and. Primarch are preserved Unification Wars, making its domain one of the in. Than one rebel against the Emperor knew Vulkan was the perfect son to temper the XVIII met... Exploited for the next quarter of a memorial flame lashing from a world to a... Arch and then again at battle 's end to commemorate it was last edited 16.